To simplify procurement, Carahsoft has secured numerous contract vehicles, including government-wide contracts and state and other contracts.

PAC Partners

VASCUPP has permitted Carahsoft to utilize designated Resellers to provide service, sales, and support to customers available on VASCUPP. Section II.C of the contract between Carahsoft and VASCUPP states that:

Delivery and installation, support, warranty, and maintenance may be provided by Carahsoft using Subcontractors. The University’s use of such services from the Subcontractors listed below shall not void any Carahsoft provided warrantee, make any product furnished under this Agreement ineligible for maintenance services, nor relieve Carahsoft of any contractual obligation under this Agreement.

In addition, Carahsoft may assign, upon approval of the University, Resellers who are authorized to provide quotes and accept Purchase Orders on behalf of Carahsoft. Carahsoft shall enter into contracts with these Resellers and use terms and conditions that are consistent with the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Carahsoft shall be fully liable for its Resellers’ performance under and compliance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The University reserves the right to require Carahsoft to rescind any such Reseller from this Agreement. Carahsoft shall not prohibit the Reseller from participating in other procurement opportunities offered through VASCUPP or the University.

Below is a list of Resellers authorized to sell on this contract per the above language:

Authorized Resellers

Kyler Murray
(804) 292-5749

Alchemy Security
Cameron Curtis
(970) 690-7053

Amplitude 9
Anthony Fung
(804) 774-5771

Brett Cheplowitz
(443) 218-7715

Clearpath  Operations

Niko Alexious
(414) 839-8448

Data Network Solutions

Buddy Davis
(803) 932-9915

Data Storage Science
Mike Frigault
(703) 725-3519

Johnalee Frowein
(800)-778-2927 (ext.252)

Dan Wells
(514) 419-6439

Beth Ann Greenberg
(703) 966-6642

Information First
John Lontos
(703) 625-9821

Peg Patrick
(410) 867-1071

Steve Hancock
(202) 783-9117

Scott Mosher
(802) 881-4224


Monica Curry
(804) 767-3274

Jonathan Koopman
(513) 247-7900

Mike McGhee
(804) 612-0617

Sun Management
Joe Noonan
(571) 282-1235


ThunderCat Technology

Kent Stokley

(703) 568-3378


Jim Sheridan
(804) 836-1412

Vision  Business Products

Jeff Woolley
(410) 598-6600

World Wide Technology
Carol Harting
(314) 995-6103 (o) | (636) 751-8399 (c)

Authorized Subcontractors:

  • Evergreen Systems
  • KWall Company
  • Linium