Security Threats in the Healthcare Landscape Today

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Security Threats in the Healthcare Landscape Today

Event Date: April 13, 2021

Hosted By: VMware & Carahsoft

Attacks are becoming a more frequent and dangerous presence in an ever-evolving threat landscape, which is making security an increasingly more important role within organizations. It is important that security models adopt a context centric approach.

In Carahsoft’s podcast, Security Threats in the Healthcare Landscape Today, our featured speakers from the VMware Healthcare Industry Strategy team discuss how the threat landscape is changing, and how VMware acts to secure their customers.

“The exploits that are out there today aren’t the same as the ones 10 years ago. And 10 year ago thinking is only going to get you sabotaged in the long run.” - Chris Logan, Director Healthcare Industry Strategy, VMware

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The speakers will discuss topics including:

  • What is next generation antivirus (next-gen AV)?
  • How VMware is positioned to defend customers from the threat landscape
  • What is VMware’s Intrinsic Security vision?

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