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How to Detect Innovation Theater and Fine Tune Your Outcome Delivery with VMware Tanzu Labs

Date: July 6, 2021

Hosted By: VMware, IMPRES Technology Solutions, Inc. & Carahsoft

Innovation theater is rampant in government. Organizations tout their agile credibility and tech chops, but true mission outcomes are hard to come by. By engaging, experimenting, and iterating in production with real users, risk and cost is significantly reduced and outcomes become possible in fractions of the time.

"Our objective is to be able to answer yes to every single one of these questions. We are fully accredited, we're in production, software's adopted, it's moving the needle on the mission, we can get a feedback from our users and push a change into production tonight. And we can do this at the scale of 50 product teams at a time. This is what we strive for." - Michael McCormack, Senior Manager, VMware

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VMware Tanzu Labs’ Strategic Directors of Digital Transformation came up with 5 key questions for all software and technology leaders in government to determine whether they are engaged in innovation theater and to hold themselves accountable to truly achieve transformative outcomes:

  • Is your software accredited and running in production today?
  • Has that software been adopted by its intended user group?
  • Is this software system moving the needle for your most important mission right now?
  • Can you make a change based on user feedback and deploy to production right now?
  • Can you do this at scale?

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