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Realize with Remediant: What is Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP)?

Event Date: January 2021

Hosted By: Remediant & Carahsoft

How ZSP Saves Time, Energy, and pain, but most importantly breaches:

Cyberattacks are taking advantage of privileged accounts and today, traditional PAM controls are not enough to defend against them. In this 3 part podcast series, Remediant and Carahsoft discuss...

Verizon DBIR Stats:

  • 2016: 63% of breaches involved the use of stolen, weak, or default passwords
  • 2017: 80% of breaches still tied to passwords
  • 2019: 80% of hacking-related breaches still tied to compromised, weak, and reused passwords. VZ also suggest this number is rising

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In this episode, we unpack what ZSP is:

  • Password Authentication vs. Authorization
  • A look at perimeter defense analogy
  • How is it possible to achieve a true ZSP model?

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