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The Future of Cyber Secure Schools: Handling Threats to K-12 Online Student Safety, Data, and Compliance

Event Date: June 29, 2020

Hosted By: Palo Alto & Carahsoft

Keeping students and their data safe while maintaining a modern and engaging learning environment is a delicate balance for K-12 institutions. Schools struggle to continuously comply with industry and legal standards that continue to grow, while faced with limited IT resources. As education surges into internet-based, on-demand, and remotely-accessed education, IT is challenged to remain secure.

"Having a good system that allows you to have visibility to users, visibility to the applications, and visibility to the content that flows between those two things and set policies around how those three things can interact. That's the most foundational stuff." - Greg Herbold, Director, SLED, Palo Alto Networks

Podcast Teaser

Listen to this downloadable podcast to hear Greg Herbold discuss how to consistently tackle the top threats in K-12 schools in traditional and remote learning models:

  • Concerns with the rise of phishing attacks
  • Data breaches caused by internal threats
  • Difficulty monitoring school-owned devices
  • Cyberbullying compromising students' safety
  • Preventing the spread of malware and protect critical information