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IronNet & AWS Podcast

Collective Defense and the Global Cyber Threat Environment

Event Date: July 30, 2020

Hosted By: IronNet, AWS and Carahsoft

Recent years have shown a massive expansion of the global cyber attack surface. The proliferation of IoT and smart devices plus the speed and scale of communications have created an environment that makes it easier for adversaries to exploit vulnerabilities in federal systems.

Combined with the current work environment and the emergence of new threat vectors from key adversaries, we are entering a more dangerous cyber threat landscape than ever before.

What can agencies do to defend against this new wave of aggressive cyber threats?

"Cyberspace is a place of great benefit and advantage, but there's also a ton of threats out there. As we look across nation-state threats and sophisticated criminal threats, all of these have the opportunity to have an impact on our business every day.""
-Major General Brett Williams (Ret.), Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, IronNet Cybersecurity

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Listen to this downloadable podcast to hear Major General Brett Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of IronNet, and Ely Kahn, Principal Product Manager - AWS Security Hub of AWS, discuss how a collective defense strategy allows federal agencies to:

  • Detect, share, and correlate behaviors across the public and private sectors to increase situational awareness and identify new and novel threats
  • Prevent attacks by increasing visibility across the threat landscape
  • Ensure their security resources are as effective and efficient as possible by combining data from multiple sources

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