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Cloudera & NVIDIA Podcast

Chief Data Officers Roundtable: The AI Era in Government

Event Date: June 1, 2021

Hosted By: Cloudera, NVIDIA & Carahsoft

Carahsoft and FedInsider partnered to bring together a panel of Chief Data Officers and industry leaders for a dynamic discussion around the evolving challenges surrounding Data as a Strategic Asset.

Our CDO Panel discussed the burgeoning use of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is spurring invention and innovation across many sectors, including:

  • Science, where AI is accelerating discovery
  • Education and the development of individualized curriculum
  • Space through autonomous spacecraft and smart habitats
  • Healthcare using sensors and smart micro-systems
  • Smart Cities to reduce cost, enhance safety, and ensure environmental standards
  • Military, intelligence and government through a wide variety of applications

"If we're going to talk about effecting change and transformation, we have to focus on the middle managers. And that's why I think it's a giant team sport. We have to pay really close attention to the people that they have relative to data scientists, some agencies have incredible assets in their employees that are focused on data scientists, others do not. But every agency needs access to data scientists to do the work, this data work that is central to the progress that they must make in artificial intelligence.” - Anthony Robbin, Vice President of Public Sector, NVIDIA

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