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Topics in Government Mainframe Transformation to Azure Gov Cloud

Event Date: February 26, 2021

Hosted By: Microsoft & Carahsoft

Over the years, government agencies have invested in mainframe and midrange technologies for mission-critical applications, including applications that provide vital services to citizens. With advances in technology and changing economic models, transitioning to cloud services can be a compelling value proposition, providing government agencies with advantages in cost, flexibility, and application maintenance and development.

In this podcast, Topics in Government Mainframe Transformation to Azure Gov Cloud, Microsoft’s Azure Global Engineering – Critical Infrastructure team discuss transitioning from mainframe, midrange, and other non-x86 platforms into Azure Gov cloud, including uses cases, technology patterns, and example reference architectures.

"It's not about just building more and more global assets, it's actually tailoring those assets, specifically for the needs of our highly regulated industries and our government customers." - Bill Chappell, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

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Listen to the podcast to hear insights on:

  • The technical patterns of mainframe transformation to Azure in government business rationale and value proposition of migrating a mainframe to Azure
  • Common use cases and best practices from such a large and complex migration
  • Technology patterns with example reference architectures

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