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Operation Work Safer: Eliminate Threats and Protect Against Cyber Terrorism

Event Date: March 18, 2022

Hosted By: Google Cloud & Carahsoft

Last year, Google announced the start of a $10 billion investment to support ongoing initiatives focused on advancing the security of governments around the world and driving transformation across enterprises and organizations.

As a part of this commitment, Google is bringing the best of their products and cybersecurity partners to help protect against malware, phishing, ransomware, and other cyberattacks. Google Cloud's Work Safer program enables public sector organizations to securely collaborate and communicate in hybrid work environments.

"Google has always been a cloud first company. We were born in the cloud, we've always remained in the cloud, there's still no local software installed on your computer. It works on every device, we're not going to change that. But we're also not going to allow that system to be compromised. And so we don't trust anything. No device, no person, everything is Zero Trust." - James Ferreira, Workspace Specialist, Google Cloud

Podcast Preview

Listen to learn more about:

  • Insights into the changing nature of cybersecurity and ransomware threats
  • Security best practices being deployed by corporations and government agencies to combat increasing cybersecurity risks
  • Google Cloud's Work Safer Program: advanced security offerings now available to the public sector in 2022

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