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FCW ICAM Workshop ft. Keeper Security: Securing Every User and Every Application, on Every Device

Date: September 2, 2022

Hosted By: FCW & Carahsoft

Listen to FCW, Keeper Security, and Carahsoft’s latest podcast on the topic of "Securing every user, every application on every device." This episode is an extension of Keeper Security’s presentation at FCW’s recent ICAM Workshop. On August 17th, FCW hosted their ICAM Workshop, inviting Keeper Security’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Cravotta, to share with us a session on the importance of securing every user and every application on every device.

Today’s podcast continues that conversation for those that are interested in learning more. Stolen and weak passwords and secrets are the leading cause of data breaches, yet most organizations have no visibility, security or control over their users’ passwords, credentials and secrets on every device, application, and system. The good news for budget-strapped federal, state, and municipal organizations is that their largest security gap can be closed quickly and cost-effectively by implementing comprehensive password security policies and enforcing them through an easy-to-use, intuitive password management platform such as Keeper.

"Infrastructure has both humans and machines. Both need to be protected. We can agree that the traditional IT perimeter is vaporized. We can believe that cloud computing or hybrid computing is coming even in the government." - Mark Cravotta, Chief Revenue Officer, Keeper Security

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