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The Four Cornerstones of a Successful Procure-to-Pay Transformation

Event Date: April 7, 2022

Hosted By: Coupa & Carahsoft

In this podcast, Eric Williams, AVP of Supply Chain Management at University of Texas (UT) Health Houston, discussed how to collaborate with staff and stakeholders for mutual success. Attendees learned about his four cornerstones of a successful Procure-to-Pay (P2P) transformation and how he used change management to drive value for UT Health.

"It's all about speed and ease of use. On the collaboration piece, it really translates in my eyes to sourcing contract management. How do we budget visibility? How do we increase our spend on contracts? How do we increase savings, diversity spend? And how do we go out and collaborate with customers and suppliers? So Coupa gives you that spend visibility." - Eric Williams, MS, CPM, AVP, Supply Chain Management & CPO, UTHealth Houston of the University of Texas

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