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"But we've always done it this way."— New Cybersecurity for Federal Agencies

Event Date: March 3, 2022

Hosted By: Carahsoft & BlackBerry

Join Blackberry and Carahsoft for a podcast on new cybersecurity for federal agencies. Today, federal agencies are challenged with prioritizing the data security and privacy of the American people and government amid an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. The Cybersecurity Executive Order (CSEO) charges, “...the Federal government should lead in cybersecurity...” However, the past approach – adding additional layers to an already overly complex and unmanageable security infrastructure, managed by too few resources – is not sustainable. A new perspective is required to keep up, and ahead, of cyber adversaries today and in the future. During this insightful session with Roger Sels, Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions, BlackBerry we will explore: How chaos in the field of cybersecurity has led to negative business outcomes Why spending more on cybersecurity – or having a bigger team – does not equate to increased protection New ways agencies can drive outcomes and increase security posture with measurable results.

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