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Securing DoD Enterprise Innovation with ICAM

Date: September 16, 2021

Hosted By: BeyondTrust & Carahsoft

Agency modernization, expanding cloud deployments, and distributed workforces create new planes of privilege for adversaries to exploit. When designing the future state of The Defense Department’s complex enterprise network, a least-privilege approach is critical to keep pace with adversaries and lower your attack surface. With users and devices now accessing critical information, systems, and applications from anywhere, the mindset must be to never trust, always verify, and only allow privileged access when needed or contextual parameters are met.

Listen to this podcast with BeyondTrust, MG Joe Brendler, US Army (Ret.), and Stephen M. Wallace, DISA, to understand why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is integral to secure the adoption of emerging initiatives across the government.

"Zero Trust is a design methodology. It's not a product that you can go and buy and put the flag in the ground and declare success. It's really a methodology and you deploy systems." - Stephen M. Wallace, Systems Innovation Scientist, Emerging Technology Directorate, DISA

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These cybersecurity leaders discussed:

  • Why PAM is critical when developing programs like ICAM and EITaaS
  • How Zero Trust, ICAM, and Enterprise Network Modernization correlate
  • The Defense Department’s outlook on Enterprise Network Modernization
  • The path to secure modernization using least privilege or “just-in-time” best practices

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