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Aligning ICAM, the Executive Order, and Zero Trust for the Defense Department

Date: June 17 , 2022

Hosted By: BeyondTrust & Carahsoft

In our rapidly changing digital world, agencies must evolve security strategies. A goal of Zero Trust is to create a security and network architecture that is dynamic, adaptable, and protected. The Executive Order on Cybersecurity has moved the term “Zero Trust” from a buzzword to a much-needed baseline for action planning around how we secure agency data and systems. Agencies must leverage Zero Trust principles to never trust, always verify, and only allow access when contextual parameters are met. Identity sits at the heart of Zero Trust. In a perimeter-less world, agencies must protect identities to stop adversaries from getting into our networks, moving laterally, escalating privileges, and ultimately accessing and manipulating our data. Leveraging ICAM and robust identity security strategies enables agencies to move from a network-based approach to a data-centric approach to defending systems.

Listen to this podcast with BeyondTrust, where Josh Brodbent, BeyondTrust, MG Joe Brendler, US Army (Ret.), and Stephen M. Wallace, DISA, to understand why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is integral to secure the adoption of emerging initiatives across the government.

"The implementation of a PAM solution makes it harder for them to do damage in the first place with least principles applied to them based on who we think they are. And then it also makes it harder for them to accomplish the escalation of privileges to do more damage while appearing to be someone with a higher privilege." - MG Joe Brendler, U.S. Army (retd.)

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These cybersecurity leaders discussed:

  • Why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is essential to major DoD initiatives like ICAM, Thunderdome, and Zero Trust
  • How ICAM supports the Executive Order
  • The Defense Department’s outlook on data-centric security and defending agency systems
  • The path to secure modernization using Least Privilege

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