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Meeting Federal Zero Trust Standard with Microsoft Sensitivity Labels

Event Date: September 21, 2022

Hosted By: AvePoint & Carahsoft

In January, the White House released Memo M-22-09 that mandated, "Federal security teams and data teams work together to develop data categories and security rules to automatically detect and ultimately block unauthorized access to sensitive information." Simultaneously, there has been a 44% increase in workers' use of collaboration tools since 2019.

Listen to this podcast from AvePoint and Carahsoft to learn how Microsoft's sensitivity labels can help your agencies on the path to complying with M-22-09.

We will outline key insights into how AvePoint enhances Microsoft's native security capabilities, including:

  • The function of Microsoft sensitivity labels
  • How to put sensitivity label decisions into the hands of workspace owners (i.e., Teams, Groups, sites)
  • Actionable reporting based on Microsoft's sensitive information types and exposure

Podcast Preview

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