Citizen Development

In 2021, the number of low/no coders was estimated to be around 2.6M by IDC. That number is expected to rise by a 40% annual average until 2025 – growing three times quicker than the total developer population.

As we ponder the future of Government and commit ourselves to bringing disruptive thinking to the federal digital transformation efforts, we find that traditional IT team models can no longer support the scale of development legerity and change responsiveness. New mandates calling for action and accountability on modernization like EO 14058 and the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) have reiterated the need for workforce empowerment and the importance of revolutionizing the citizen experience. The way to get there together sooner is by empowering citizen development with the tools, support, and safeguards to develop more mission-relevant solutions faster.

By empowering and equipping our mission experts with the support system and tools necessary for hands-on solution development, we not only deliver greater operational agility for the organization but also restore emphasis on the value of the mission over the technology. IT teams can regain delivery focus for sophisticated technical support without interfering with the mission drumbeat that demands need-based changes and automation which evolves daily.

DX360°® Workflow Engine is a front-end, user-friendly application that enables the creation of automated workflows for mission-supporting business processes under a single-user platform. This app consolidates essential processes into one common system with workflow automation, data sharing, and reporting; simplifies approvals and requests; converts ad hoc, email, and manual processes into end-to-end digital workflows; and reduces backlog and cycle time for repetitive processes.

The Enterprise Edition ships with the following ready-to-use workflows:

  • Data Call Management
  • Information Requests Management
  • Rulemaking
  • Ethics Approvals
  • Small Purchase Requisition Approvals
  • Document Release
  • Agency Directives Review & Approval
  • Implementation of Statute Changes