NetImpact & Microsoft

Like Microsoft, we believe in empowering every person to achieve more. Our collaboration with Microsoft converges at the shared commitment to help the Federal Government achieve breakthrough achievement of modern missions – which is why we are a Gold Partner. We bring the deep expertise, validated customer satisfaction, and demonstrated corporate competences only achievable by the top 1% of all Microsoft partnerships to each engagement and innovation.

Our Microsoft SaaS products are built on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platform with extensible, self-healing, high-availability, instantly scalable Azure Cloud features AND integrates directly with Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and agency Office 365 applications with open APIs to integrate with other enterprise systems.

All our SaaS products are designated as Microsoft’s Preferred Solutions, which can only be published by Microsoft partners demonstrating deep, proven expertise and capabilities. A Preferred Solution is selected by a team of Microsoft experts for its ability to address specific customer needs in its respective category, industry, or industry vertical.

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