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Micro Focus Government Solutions is a purpose-built, mission focused company that serves US public sector clients. A company anchored by success in the IT industry, Micro Focus Government Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your organization bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern innovation. Backed by one of the largest pure-play software companies in the world, Micro Focus, we help solve critical IT challenges with software solutions in Hybrid IT, DevOps, Security & Risk, and Predictive Analytics.

Discover The Advantage with Micro Focus Government Solutions

Stay agile, secure, and mission ready!


Business Continuity

Micro Focus is standing firm in putting customers first during these uncertain times as we all adapt to these new ways. As government agencies transition to allow their employees to work remotely, Micro Focus would like to help by making it easy for agencies to ensure continuity of service to their customers. To that end, we offer you the following packaged offerings that are designed to help you and your teams.

Below are some solutions to leverage:

Big Data

We make the possibilities of data tangible for your agency today. Whether it's finding mission-critical agency insight or creating a foundation for growth, our big data software offers you a history of expertise and comprehensive solutions to help your organization build a bridge to tomorrow through a data-driven foundation. Our analytics and big data software lets you securely store, explore, and analyze all data types at unlimited scale.

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The Fastest open, infrastructure-independent, advanced-analytics SQL database on the market.

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IDOL – Cognitive Search & Knowledge Discovery

The Fastest open, infrastructure-independent, advanced-analytics SQL database on the market.

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ArcSight – Investigative

The Fastest open, infrastructure-independent, advanced-analytics SQL database on the market.

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ArcSight User Behavior Analytics– User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Minimize the risk and impact
of cyberattacks in-real time.

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Operations Bridge Suite – IT Operations Analytics

Automated event and performance monitoring for a multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

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IT Service Management Automation X – IT Operations Analytics

Machine learning based ITSM software to meet all your service desk and IT service management needs.

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ArcSight Data Platform – Security Data Collection

A future-ready, open platform that transforms data chaos into real-time security insights.

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Build secure software fast. Find security issues early and fix at the speed of DevOps.

Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premises and on-demand to scale and cover the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

  • Focus on actionable results: Find vulnerabilities directly in the developer’s IDE with real-time security analysis or save time with machine learning-powered auditing.
  • Start quickly with expert support: Start an application security initiative in a day. Get a team of experts who deliver optimization, results review, and false positive removal as part of our global 24/7 support. 
  • Integrate into CI/CD tool chain: CI/CD integration makes security scans a part of the build/release process, which enables full automation and workflow support. Defect management integrations provide transparent remediation for security issues.
  • Automate and scale: Expand with centralized scanning capabilities that support mature AppSec programs running 1000s of scans per day. Automate security in the CI/CD pipeline with the tools you already use.
fortifyicon.png Check out these demo videos on various Fortify solutions!



Fortify Related Products:




Fortify on Demand

Fortify on Demand offers a complete application security as-a-service (AppSec SaaS) solution with SAST, DAST, IAST, RASP, SCA (open source security), and developer security training.

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Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with Fortify Static Code Analyzer identifies exploitable security vulnerabilities in source code.

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Fortify WebInspect

Fortify WebInspet dynamic application security testing (DAST) software finds and prioritizes exploitable vulnerabilities in web applications.

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Fortify Application Defender

Fortify Application Defender runtime application self-protection (RASP) protects production applications from common attacks and vulnerabilities. 

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Fortify Software Security Center

Fortify Software Security Center integrates and automates application security testing with visibility across the entire AppSec program, covering SAST, DAST, IAST, RASP, and SCA.

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An open, intelligent, and comprehensive approach to “Secure the New”

Conquer your digital transformation to deliver security intelligence and risk management at the core of everything you do. Secure applications and data, drive identity-centric controls and intelligence, and leverage powerful analytics to detect known and unknown threats. Micro Focus’ solutions comprise a best-in-class, enterprise-grade security platform with built-in scalability and analytics to drive the Future of Security.

Our innovations include: native, real-time log parsing, security data enrichment and normalization; built-in security analytics and enhanced dashboards; intelligent real-time event data from Azure Active Directory to SIEM solutions; data-centric security hosted by AWS; and secure application testing both in DevOps and in production.

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Related Solutions, Products, and Services


ArcSight – Intelligence Security Operations

A future-ready, open platform that transforms data chaos into real-time security insight.

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  Voltage – Application Security

   End-to-end data-centric security for enterprises, merchants, and payment processors.

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Fortify – Application Security

Identifies security vulnerabilities in source code early in software development.

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Identity Powers Security – Identity and Access Management

An integrated approach to Identity and Access Management, Privileged
Account Management, and Change Management.

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Secure Gateway – Secure Messaging

Protect your network and messaging system from malware, viruses,
and harmful content.

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ZENWorks Patch
Management – Endpoint Security

Ensure all devices follow standards and compliance to secure your network.

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Backup and Governance

Our solutions provide a comprehensive approach to protect the digital enterprise from risk and empower data-driven agencies to harness value from all of their information.

Backup and governance solutions from Micro Focus provide a comprehensive approach to protect the digital enterprise from risk, and empower data-driven businesses to harness value from 100% of their information.

Information Management and Governance: The New Business Imperative

Micro Focus Information Management and Governance solutions help organizations access and understand information; organize, control and protect data; and intelligently manage and take action in accordance with business needs – keeping your organization running smoothly.

Know exactly what you need? Take a look at our entire Backup and Governance portfolio.

Application Delivery Management software

Discover industry leading solutions that help your agency or organization deliver amazing user experiences across technologies with quality, speed, and confidence, accelerating the planning, testing, delivery, and support of optimized applications.

DevOps & Continuous Testing

Your Agile teams need to deliver quality at the speed of business. You can achieve both by shifting testing earlier in your app lifecycle and integrating testing continuously into your DevOps Pipeline. Our test automation software speeds your test development and simplifies your execution while extending your investment in open source and DevOps tools.

  • Behavior-driven development (BDD) capabilities empower teams to define tests earlier in the lifecycle.
  • Automated testing that uses open source unit test
    frameworks accelerates test creation and eases maintenance.
  • Automated functional and performance testing
    integrated into your CI pipeline supports teams to test continuously.
  • With the ability to continually assess results, refine, and
    optimize, you can map quality to your definition of done.

Predictive Application Lifecycle Management

You need a new approach to Application Lifecycle Management for today’s software complexity. A predictive ALM platform built on an open architecture ties together the capabilities and data your teams need to predict and optimize.

Hybrid Delivery

Create the perfect match between your application delivery management processes, resources, cost constraints and goals. Choose between SaaS, private, virtual private and public cloud-based PPM, ALM and testing solutions.

  • On-Premises or cloud-based offerings for ALM and functional, performance and security testing arms you with a flexible, on-demand dev and test environment.
  • Rapid provisioning and scalability for application, service, and user device testing both On-Premises or in the cloud speeds your time to market.
  • Built in Service & Network Virtualization breaks down the obstacles for continuous development and testing, even in the face of constrained resources.
  • Intelligent Application Performance management focuses testing where it matters most and keeps the pulse on user experience.


As Agencies begin to implement their FITARA Roadmaps, Micro Focus can help reduce cost and significantly speed the time to value. The Micro Focus Category Management Offering helps GSA eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency, and deliver more value and savings from acquisition programs and contribute progress towards category management goals/objectives. The Micro Focus solutions provide the best-in-class technology to the federal government.

Carahsoft and Micro Focus are offering discounted packages for purchases made prior to the end of the government fiscal year.

Key business areas

  • FITARA Software License Management Enablement: Pre-configured package to help agencies enable enterprise software license management required by OBM M-16-12. The bundles include Micro Focus’ Discovery and Universal Configuration Management Database, Hardware/Software Asset Management and our IT Business Analytics products coupled with initial services required to assist agencies in enabling software asset management.
  • FITARA Incremental Development Enablement: Pre-configured packages to help agencies enable Agile best practices, reduce cost and improve the speed and quality of application releases. Choose from select groupings of Agile Manager, Quality Center/ALM, UFT, Performance Center, Network Virtualization and Mobility Center. All offerings includes our IT Business Analytics software to provide executive dashboards, metrics and progress reports towards Agency FITARA cost saving goals.
  • FITARA IT Portfolio Savings Enablement: Pre-configured package to help agencies optimize, manage and reduce the cost of IT and meet established IT Portfolio Savings goals. The bundle includes enterprise architecture/mapping, application rationalization, portfolio and Program/Project management products integrated with our IT Business Analytics for financial tracking and reporting on IT cost savings.
  • FITARA Data Center Automation: Pre-configured package of Micro Focus automation products required for automating common network, server and infrastructure tasks to reduce the cost of operations (Cloud, Network & Server Automation and Orchestration).
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: NNMi, Operational Analytics, SiteScope, Storage Operations Management.


The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) represents the first major overhaul of Federal information technology in over 20 years. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has been assisting agencies with this new reform to ensure that it is applied government-wide in a consistent and efficient manner.

To view the latest FITARA scorecard of government agencies, click here.

Click here to watch the archived recording of our FITARA webcast. Learn how Micro Focus solutions can help your agency comply with FITARA goals.



GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract (MAS)

Aug 22, 2018- Aug 21, 2023

GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2025


Mar 03, 2015- Aug 10, 2020
*Additional Option Years Available

Department of Defense ESI BPA Contract # N66001-19-A-0120

Sep 06, 2019- Jul 14, 2021
*Additional Option Years Available

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Mar 31, 2022

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2021

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2021
*Additional Option Years Available


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022

The Quilt

MSA - 05012019F
Apr 01, 2016- Apr 30, 2022



Aug 31, 2020- Aug 30, 2025
*Additional Option Years Available

IT Operations Management

Micro Focus Government Solutions IT operations management tools bridge the agency’s gap between traditional IT, the new digital enterprise, and fast-paced mission-critical initiatives into an agile, service-driven organization. Accelerate IT to the speed of DevOps with simple, fast, and transformative IT Operations Software.

  • Container Deployment Foundation

    ITMO Container Deployment Foundation (CDM) is a platform designed on a foundation of shared microservices – including analytics, orchestration, and ChatOps collaboration. ITMO built on the Micro Focus Container Deployment Foundation featuring quick installations, scalability, and updates in minutes or hours – a fraction of the time of traditional and SaaS alternatives.

    ITMO provides IT Ops teams the bases for continuous and modern IT operations by supporting flexible deployment, automation, and dynamic scaling, simplifying upgrades and maintenance.

    ITMO featured solutions:

    • Operations Bridge
    • Data Center Automation
    • Hybrid Cloud Management
    • Network Operations Management
    • Service Management Automation X
  • Operations Bridge

    Operations Bridge: Automate IT monitoring, event management, and analytics for hybrid IT powered by AIOps to improve cause analysis and mean time to repair across multi-cloud and traditional environments.

    Check out his eBook to take a glance at how to deploy IT Operations Bridge in your agency.

  • Data Center Automation

    Data Center Automation (DCA): automate IT compliance and vulnerability risk management for the hybrid enterprise by enabling server provision, patching, and configuration at scale. Migrate workloads to the cloud with Platespin and Mainframe Application Redeployment.

    Glance over the product flier flier to view how DCA solution can manage vulnerability risk for the hybrid enterprise.

  • Hybrid Cloud Management

    Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM): integrates with other software, services from public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) by leveraging existing investments, whether it’s on a legacy or modern platform, and manage complex multi-cloud hybrid environments from a single point of control. Transform your IT service delivery with HCM to eliminate silos, deliver a self-service portal, and accelerate provisioning.

    View the customer eBook to learn more about the benefits with real-life examples of customers deploying HCM.

  • Network Operations Management

    Network Operations Management (NOM): NOM monitors, and manages physical, virtual, wireless, and software-defined networks at enterprise-scale, decreasing MTTR, and enabling automatic responses to issues. The network management solution is designed for large enterprises, MSPs and government agencies.

    Watch this on-demand webinar on how NOM delivers complete control of an agency modern network infrastructure.

    Glance over this product flier to learn the five steps of optimizing modern networks in your agency.

  • Service Management Automation X

    Service Management Automation X:a machine learning-based IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that accelerates delivery, improves user experience, and lowers service desk costs. Deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or as a Service to meet all your service desk and IT service management needs.

    Explore here how America’s largest military shipbuilder company utilizes the machine learning-based IT Service Management solution to their advantage.

  • AI in IT Operations Management

    Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps): is an application of big data analytics and machine learning to IT operations data assisting in identifying patterns and augment ordinary processes and tasks.

    Benefits of AIOps in IT operation teams:

    • Reduce workload on IT Operations staff
    • Deliver faster root cause analysis (RCA)
    • Faster Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)
    • Detect issues before customers experience them

    Micro Focus AIOps Solutions include multi-cloud, SaaS, applications, infrastructure, and, network monitoring, automation and configuration management. Check out some of the featured Micro Focus AIOps solutions:

    To help the process of running AIOps collaboratively, ChatOps enables IT and DevOps teams to connect systems and existing work. ChatOps are available in these IT operation management tools:

    • Operations Bridge
    • Data Center Automation
    • Hybrid Cloud Management
    • Network Operations Management
    • Service Management Automation X
    • Check out all available Micro Focus ChatOps here.


Upcoming Events

November 30, 2020 at 1:30 PM ET

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Network Operations Management is a single platform for network configuration and status.Network engineering and operations teams face a complex, moving target. But unfortunately, they're typically armed with only a disparate collection of management tools-with little or no integration. Network teams...

This in-depth whitepaper will give you a complete overview to Micro Focus' ALM Octane and ALM Quality Center. Want the roadmap to succeed in the journey to Agile and DevOps? Fill out your information and access the 12 page white paper here!

Case Study

View how the Washington State Department of Transportation uses Micro Focus Data Protect to standardize and streamlines its backup, recover, and off-site replication processes.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) is committed to managing its responsibilities associated with the legacy of World War II and the Cold War. This legacy includes radioactive and chemical waste, environmental contamination, and hazardous material at over 100 sites acr...

Micro Focus® Network Operations Management delivers well beyond even integrated versions of Network Node Manager i and Network Automation.

Customer Success Story

Micro Focus Project and Planning Management (PPM) solution supported $372 million cost savings and increased citizen satisfaction through cross-agency project collaboration. Download the customer success story to learn how the IT department in the State of Oklahoma achieved the tremendous cost savin...

Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier submarine builder for the U.S. Navy used Micro Focus Service Management Automation with Universal CMDB to deliver service management support as speed and scale of business. Download the full story to learn more!


Hybrid Cloud Monitoring for the Digital Enterprise

Triaging and validating raw static analysis results is the most time intensive process within application security testing. Fortify Audit Assistant leverages past audit decisions to power machine learning assisted auditing—validating results immediately and dramatically reducing auditing effort.

Is your performance testing as accurate as it could be? The increasingly distributed nature of applications and their users has created a significant burden on the networks and infrastructures required to continually deliver data and meet end user performance expectations. To manage this burden, app...