For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful, agile, and trusted Enterprise NoSQL database platform that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic's enterprise-grade technology to power the new generation of information applications.

Since MarkLogic was founded in 2001, we have focused on building a database and applications that enable our customers to capture more data, and do more with it. We give our customers an unmatched competitive edge through game-changing technology. We've set new standards in scalability, enterprise-readiness, time to value, and innovation.

The world is seeing an explosion in data, including user-generated content, machine-generated content, aggregation of highly structured heterogeneous data sources (patient records, insurance claims, mortgage documents, etc.), raw data, social media, log files, and sensor data, among others. Relational databases were not designed - and are simply not able - to deal with this variety and complexity in real-time. At MarkLogic we are experts at this. We've been doing it for a decade.

Some businesses, organizations, and agencies are missing out on a huge opportunity. Our customers are not. The Federal Aviation Administration depends on MarkLogic as the backbone of its Emergency Operations Network. Conde Nast is building new applications in weeks. CQ Roll Call puts up-to-date information about government-in-action at the fingertips of its subscribers. These are just a few MarkLogic customers who are revolutionizing the industry and the public sector with Big Data Applications. Become one of them. Transform your organization and outpace your competition with MarkLogic.

MarkLogic is headquartered in Silicon Valley with field offices in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Utrecht, and Tokyo.


MarkLogic Implementation Services

Implementation Services from MarkLogic can be purchased through Carahsoft on a commercial basis. Services focus on installation, configuration, and tuning of MarkLogic Software in your environment or in the cloud as well as other tasks requires to assist with your MarkLogic implementation.

Rate categories are below. Please email marklogic@carahsoft.com for additional details.

Labor Category

Full Description


MarkLogic Software Engineer


MarkLogic Implementation Services -
Senior Software Engineer - Per Hour

MarkLogic Application Programmer


MarkLogic Implementation Services -
Senior App. Programmer - Per Hour

MarkLogic Technical Project Manager


MarkLogic Implementation Services -
Technical Project Manager - Per Hour



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2025


Mar 03, 2015- Aug 10, 2020
*Additional Option Years Available

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Mar 31, 2022

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2021

Fairfax County IT Hardware, Software, & Services

Oct 04, 2015- Dec 04, 2021
*Additional Option Years Available

Orange County National IPA Co-Op

Jun 01, 2015- May 31, 2021

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2021
*Additional Option Years Available


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


May 02, 2014- Dec 19, 2021


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The MarkLogic Object-based Intelligence (OBI) solution helps surface actionable intelligence from an ocean of noise, by placing intelligence in context. It provides tradecraft tools and a data model to store, enhance, disseminate, and analyze dynamic, heterogeneous data within and across communities...

The MarkLogic Object-based Intelligence (OBI) solution combines an enterprise-grade NoSQL database platform with an analytical framework that helps make sense out of heterogeneous data. OBI produces intelligence in context from the noise of big data – the who, what, when and where that program man...

Insider threats are not only limited to cyber attacks; malicious actions, or human errors within an organization can happen within any given industry. Organizations need agility to deal with new and unanticipated data and activities to stay ahead and respond to suspicious behavior across all their s...

Criminals move across geographic and cyber boundaries with impunity – and only MarkLogic has the flexibility to handle any kind of data and organize it to meet the growing and changing demands for secure real-time law enforcement information sharing, data fusion, and analysis.

Warfighters, national security, border control, and law enforcement organizations can’t control or even predict what data they will need for their mission. Building on the MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL database platform, we and our partners are able to help customers harness big data. This enables ...

Fairfax County, Virginia is one of the largest counties in the nation, with more than one million residents and a budget larger than that of four states combined. The Fairfax County Department of Information Technology (DIT) uses modern information technologies to improve citizen access to governmen...


Why change? In this white paper, we dive into the details of why relational databases are ill-suited to handle the massive volumes of disparate, varied, and changing data that organizations have in their data centers. It is for this reason that leading organizations are going beyond relational to em...

We have all heard the story of how Silicon Valley helped save HealthCare.gov. Less known, however, is the story of how MarkLogic laid the foundation for the website’s rescue two years before the system went live. Learn why and how MarkLogic supports the critical system-of-record functions needed t...

A decade and a half into the 21st century, it’s time government agencies moved on past their 20th century database technology. Durable as it’s been, the relational DBMS-plus-Structured Query Language (SQL) applications simply aren’t up to today’s requirements. You need something radically di...

Cyber security is at the center of the preoccupations of all government agencies. During the last decade progress has been made in perimeter defense and preventing unsophisticated attacks. During the same period insiders caused the most damages with consequences resonating across the globe.Read the ...