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Delphix Webcast

Accelerating CI/CD Cycles with Programmable Data Infrastructure

Event Date: February 18, 2021
Hosted By: Delphix & Carahsoft

DevOps teams have built automated, repeatable processes for much of the development pipeline. Test data bottlenecks continue to plague otherwise efficient CI/CD workflows, yet are surprisingly overlooked when evaluating the speed of the value stream. 

Legacy ticketing systems and coordination to provision and refresh test data create a tremendous drag on release velocity, and manual processes for de-identifying sensitive information are slow and error-prone. PII data can easily leak into test environments.  

API-driven test data delivery and compliance improve the flow of the entire software lifecycle. Treating data like code eliminates data wait states, delivering and refreshing data over 90% faster than outdated processes. Integrating data automation into the CI/CD toolchain breaks the data bottleneck so continuous integration can truly scale.

View this webinar recording to learn how a programmable data infrastructure ensures test data can keep pace with high-velocity development and improve development productivity. Attendees will:

  • Understand version-control test data just like code

  • Learn how to refresh, bookmark, or rewind data with a single API call

  • Shift-left with production-quality data  

  • Discover how to automate identification and mask sensitive data 

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