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Akamai Webcast

Ransomware: The Cyber Warfare Attack Tools Being Deployed Against You

Event Date: August 22, 2019
Hosted By: Akamai & Carahsoft
Ransomware attacks are on the rise, with at least 22 reported breaches of public sector networks in 2019 alone. Popular targets are cities, police stations, and schools, and the attacks can tally up millions of dollars in recovery costs. This situation is likely much worse, as many ransomware attacks are unreported. Public sector organizations are typically understaffed and underfunded, making them ripe targets for malicious actors intent on causing disruption and extortion.

Attendees of this webinar were able to learn about: 
  • What ransomware is
  • How systems are infected
  • How implementing a Zero Trust security model can help minimize the chances of a ransomware attack on your organization

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Case Study

Learn how the Douglas Omaha Technology Commission leveraged Akamai’s experienced professional services team and avoided common WAF implementation stumbling blocks.

Military personnel need to be able to access and interact with TAMIS at any time, from any place. As the Army added new and more functionality to TAMIS, it began seeing performance issues. “While we anticipated thousands of users from day one, we experienced problems when so many users started us...

As a center for digital media and bio-medicine, cyber communications, awareness, and security have become a top priority for Orlando. In the summer of 2011, the city’s Web sites were targeted by a cyber-activist group. Upon launch of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Although the Cit...

The Census Bureau leveraged Akamai’s Cloud solution to handle their traffic spikes during the Census 2010 campaign. While providing on-demand scalability to handle the surge in traffic, Akamai also provided significant performance improvements and offloaded over 95% of the hits from the Census Da...

The GCSS-AF (Global Combat Support System – Air Force) Portal has leveraged Akamai’s secure, globally distributed Cloud platform since December, 2004. Akamai defends GCSSAF’s Enterprise web infrastructure from malicious activity, and provides seamless, on-demand, scaling without sacrificing perfo...

The Department of Defense (DoD) runs a variety of sites geared toward different constituents and topics, with DefenseLINK ( serving as the official DoD Web site and the starting point for finding U.S. military information online. DefenseLINK first went on-line in October 1994, wh...

Since deploying the Akamai solutions, the Virginia Department of Elections reduced its server load by 100% and handled a 200% increase in average traffic volume during the June primary election without a hitch.


When a DDoS attack strikes, panic ensues. Having a DDoS mitigation plan in place will make the difference between hours or days of organization-wide chaos and an orderly and timely response that keeps business as usual. Follow these steps to develop a DDoS mitigation plan for your organization.

Got HTTPS? The United States Chief Information Officer has drafted a memo mandating the delivery of all Federal websites via HTTPS to allay privacy and security concerns. Akamai’s Secure Delivery Platform is uniquely positioned to help the Federal sites in all three branches scale to meet this cha...

Industry Study

The Forrester Wave™: Web Application Firewalls, Q2 2018 report emphasizes the importance of deploying a WAF prepared to defend against attacks still unknown by developers.