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Federal Tech Day - Zero Trust Architecture

Event Date: December 08, 2022
Hosted By: ServiceNow & Carahsoft
The government's move to zero trust architecture is not just driven by mandates, it is necessary to protect the way we now access and use data. 

A zero trust architecture is not achieved by a single, out-of-the-box network security solution. It's a strategy based on an agency's cybersecurity plan that contains a collection of zero trust concepts. It requires multiple security solutions that cybersecurity teams need to orchestrate in their environment. 

Of course, introducing new tools and solutions can increase complexity, but federal agencies can simplify their zero trust architecture by including an enterprise platform strategy. 

Attendee's joined to hear from ServiceNow and government experts as they discuss zero trust. Discussion included: 
  • How to get started on your zero trust journey
  • How ServiceNow helps you align with zero trust requirements
  • Best practices for implementing zero trust broken out by the CISA pillars
  • Use cases for securing edge devices
  • Tactics for automation and orchestration

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