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DataShapes Webcast

Event Date: November 06, 2023
Hosted By: DataShapes & Carahsoft
In an era where digital evidence is amassed at an unprecedented rate, law enforcement faces the daunting challenge of comprehensively reviewing every second for critical content and potential evidence. The proliferation of audio, video, and multimedia footage can lead to vital evidence being overlooked and significant delays ...



Electronic Warfare: What You Need to Know

Electronic warfare is a term regularly appearing in the media; however, most people are hard pressed providing an accurate definition. What is electronic warfare and – more importantly – how and why does it affect your organization? In modern-day warfare, the stakes are high – awareness of electromagnetic emissions is critical, but the need doesn’t stop there. Federal civilian agencies are not immune the risks of electronic warfare. Leveraging DataShapes’ adaptable, lightweight AI software solutions, RF activity can be detected quickly and efficiently in the field.

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