Carahsoft, in conjunction with its vendor partners, sponsors hundreds of events each year, ranging from webcasts and tradeshows to executive roundtables and technology forums.



Upcoming Events

VMware Webcast

Event Date: January 18, 2022
Hosted By: VMware & Carahsoft
As work moves to a hybrid model, each remote employee becomes a possible target and threat to your network and data. Providing remote access through VPN’s is rapidly becoming obsolete as companies look for more robust alternatives like Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).Join VMware and Carahsoft for a webinar to ...


Event Date: December 16, 2021 - February 10, 2022
Hosted By: E-Rate Provider Services & Carahsoft
E-rate Provider Services' President, Bob Richter, joined Carahsoft online for a series covering all things E-Rate. Across three sessions, attendees received an introduction to E-Rate, learned tips to navigate the E-rate sales and bid process, and heard invoicing ...

Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies (TCT) Webcast

Event Date: January 18, 2022
Hosted By: Thales TCT & Carahsoft
CPE credit available
Petabytes—and even exabytes—of data are scattered across data centers, file shares, databases, cloud storage, and backups. Most agencies simply do not know what sensitive data they have, where it is, how it flows, who can access it, and its risk exposure. In agencies ...

VMware Event

Event Date: January 19, 2022
Hosted By: VMware, Sterling & Carahsoft
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Zero Trust is not a technology or product to be bought and deployed – rather, it is a transformation of operational framework to incorporate the highest security measures in modern network environments. At its core, Zero Trust is a commitment to a risk-based approach across end-users, networks, data, devices, and much ...

AvePoint Public Sector Webcast

Event Date: January 19, 2022
Hosted By: AvePoint & Carahsoft
Microsoft 365 quickly brings together collaborators across your agency and your partners. That built-in collaboration, however, creates new concerns around tracking who has access across your environment. Organizations must monitor how users interact with data within a Zero Trust Architecture.The recent Executive Order ...

Google Virtual Event

Event Date: January 19, 2022
Hosted By: Google Cloud & Carahsoft
As data centers continue to consolidate and applications move to public cloud platforms, organizations gain the opportunity to streamline their cost structures and further reduce their data center footprint. One critical component that is needed, especially for mission-critical VMs and databases, is data protection in the ...

Multi-Vendor Virtual Event

Event Date: January 19, 2022 - February 16, 2022
Hosted By: Adobe
CPE credit available
The pandemic has demonstrated the need for government services to be accessible, inclusive, and user-centric. The delivery of equitable, integrated customer and employee experiences requires a stack of flexible ...

VMware Webcast

Event Date: January 19, 2022 - February 02, 2022
Hosted By: VMware, AICUP & Carahsoft
Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - Protect Against Cyberattacks & Secure a Digital Workforce with VMware Carbon BlackVMware’s best practices for cloud workload protection includes utilizing Carbon Black Workload by delivering agentless protection for VMware vSphere workloads that is easy ...

Google Webcast

Event Date: January 19, 2022
Hosted By: Google Cloud, Aretec, and Carahsoft
Join Google Cloud, Aretec, and Carahsoft for a webinar to learn how your agency can realize a better return on investment for its existing cloud-based business transformation initiatives. You have a wealth of data – using artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud allows you to interrogate your data to realize ...

Tenable Webcast

Event Date: January 19, 2022
Hosted By: Tenable
Join Tenable thought leaders for a round table discussion that will help you prepare for the year ahead.Chance favors only the prepared mind, said Louis Pasteur. As we begin 2022, we invite you to join us for a round table discussion examining five cyber trends that should be top-of-mind as you plan ...



Starting with a single high-profile mandate, the Edge Computing Infrastructure Program now has a pipeline of dozens of AI uses for its NVIDIA EGX-based systems managed by the Triton Inference Server.

New Framework Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, BlueField DPUs Enables Cybersecurity Providers to Develop AI Solutions That Can Instantly Detect Cyber Breaches.

Small, local governments have become the target of choice for ransomware, according to a study cited by TechRepublic. Over the past 12 months, 45% of global ransomware attacks targeted local governments and municipalities. Further, the study found that 41% of ransomware attacks were combined with da...

The Biden Administration’s recent cyber security Executive Order is a turning point for federal agencies, providing clear guidance toward ensuring that government data and systems are protected.

Cloudera, the enterprise data cloud company, today announced that Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) will integrate the RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark 3.0.

As citizens began to look increasingly online for the latest news and information about crimes and policing efforts, Police Service of Northern Ireland’s social media channels became an important channel to engage with the community. Establishing these channels as a trusted source of information is ...

Download to learn how the City of Sacramento adopted Sitetracker, a purpose-built solution for managing high-volume projects and one already standardized on by the Telecom industry.

Faced with the challenges of costs and maintenance for aging infrastructure and traditional applications plus capacity constraints, this healthcare provider could continue down the path of business-as-usual (continuing to buy new hardware for expansion or having to add additional co-lo space for exp...

At West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District (WW-P), a rich diversity of academic programs, alternative education options and extracurricular activities expand learning beyond classroom boundaries. VMware technology plays a key role: VMware Horizon virtual desktops help the district prepare s...