Carahsoft, in conjunction with its vendor partners, sponsors hundreds of events each year, ranging from webcasts and tradeshows to executive roundtables and technology forums.

Government Events and Resources


Upcoming Events

Multi-Vendor Webcast

Event Date: July 23, 2024
Hosted By: GitLab & Carahsoft
In today's digital landscape, federal civilian agencies face constant pressure to innovate while safeguarding sensitive data and critical systems. Keeping pace with rapid software development and robust cybersecurity can be challenging. GitLab, in collaboration with AWS, empowers agencies with AI-driven Secure ...
CloudBees Event

Event Date: July 25, 2024
Hosted By: CloudBees & Carahsoft
Location: Reston, VA
As the driving force behind Jenkins, the world's leading CI/CD tool, CloudBees has spearheaded DevSecOps enterprise-scale deployments for over a decade, driving innovation in government Software Factories like the DoD’s Platform One. Join CloudBees in Reston, VA to hear key DevSecOps lessons for the ...
GitLab Chartiy/Fundraiser

Event Date: July 26, 2024
Hosted By: GitLab
Location: Leesburg, VA
Join GitLab on Friday, July 26 at Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club in Leesburg, VA for their annual charity golf tournament. This year GitLab has chosen to support the Gary Sinise Foundation.*   Register now for a day of golf, camaraderie and giving back to our ...
Perforce Webcast

Event Date: August 22, 2024
Hosted By: Perforce Software & Carahsoft
The push for modernization and innovation in military aerospace and defense software has the potential to bring embedded systems with data, connectivity, and ...
Palo Alto Networks Webcast

Event Date: October 16, 2024
Hosted By: Palo Alto Networks & Carahsoft
Discover how Prisma Cloud defends against cyber threats throughout the entire DevSecOps lifecycle in our live webinar. Gain insights into its capability to reduce false positives and effectively prioritize cyber events within cloud applications. Join our professionals as they delve into the ...

Archived Events

GitLab Partner Training

Event Date: July 17, 2024
Hosted By: GitLab & Carahsoft
GitLab partners with an ecosystem of leading cloud and technology partners across all markets to support customers growing their initiatives with DevSecOps and digital transformation ...
Atlassian Virtual Event

Event Date: July 16, 2024
Government Executive's virtual summit, The Future of the Federal Workforce, gave top government officials a platform to explore the policies and technologies reshaping the way they work. Attendees gained valuable insights into how federal employment is changing and what lies ...
Cribl Event

Event Date: July 16, 2024
Hosted By: Cribl & Carahsoft
Location: Reston, VA
Cribl made a stop on their journey across the US to help people like you solve data problems and fight for more control and flexibility to power your IT and Security operations.  Cribl's team of experts discussed how to:  Make Your Data Work For YOU: Discover how ...

Event Date: July 09, 2024
Hosted By: Security Compass & Carahsoft
During this webinar subject matter experts explored delicate balance between meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining high-performance application development. This session will cover key compliance frameworks, practical approaches to achieving compliance without sacrificing agility, and how to future-proof your ...
Coder Webcast

Event Date: June 27, 2024
Hosted By: Coder & Carahsoft
In software development, efficiency and security are essential to innovation and operational success. As agencies and organizations have moved their testing and production to the cloud, development environments often lag, using outdated systems that reduce productivity and compromise security. Attendees joined ...



SBOM360 Hub is the tech industry's first SBOM exchange for complex software. The Hub allows publishes to manage, create, publish, and share software that is compliant with SBOMs standards data along the distribution chain. This enables risk reduction and safe transfer of data.

Executive order 14028 aims to enhance software supply chain security by updating the requirements. Key requirements of the executive order are SBOM minimum fields based on NTIA specifications, signed self-attestation form, and evidentiary artifacts. This article goes in depth on how each key require...

Lineaje Open-Source Manager helps to keep software components into one organization platform. AppSec teams, software developers and CPOs, CIOs, and CISOs looking to simple and secure ways to organize the software could benefit from OSM,

SBOM360 shows you "what's in your software" by recognizing its software supply chain while looking for risks. Lineaje AI produces solutions and plans if the vulnerabilities of the software are exposed. Reducing risks and cost by 40%.

During the 2020 pandemic, it highlighted the vulnerabilities the software supply chain has. SBOM360 by Lineaje is the company's first supply chain manager. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), an open-source provider, shared its extensive findings on the broader open-source world.

Software is under attack by finding a weakness and taking advantages. Taking on these attacks on the supply chain involves different systems to be working simultaneously. A extensive approach is needed in order to handle the full complexity of the problem.

Executive Order 14028 is requiring vendors to now follow new procedures to ensure that the standards stay high. Some major updates are Hi-Fidelity Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), Vulnerability Disclosure Report (VDR), Signed Self-Attestation Letter of Conformance to EO 14028 per Section 4(e), Evi...

The Department of Defense has been a source of remarkable innovations. Despite that reputation, the United States Space Force (USSF) struggled to adapt workflows to their evolving mission while relying on legacy systems. In this Atlassian case study, learn how the USSF used DevSecOps-compliant softw...

Multi-point solutions disconnect teams, decrease visibility and stall delivery. In this case study, follow the U.S. Air Force as they transition onto a single integrated platform with Atlassian, improving adoption and customer satisfaction, increasing visibility, reducing time to resolution and stre...

Disconnected communications and systems delay projects, stifle accountability and foster frustration. These issues only multiply as agencies grow. In this case study, learn how the National Security Service (NSA) united teams using Atlassian’s powerful technology suite, ensuring consistent, sc...