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Equifax, Inc. Webcast

The Work Number® Feature Enhancements

Event Date: February 23, 2021
Hosted By: Equifax & Carahsoft
In order to efficiently qualify applicants for government assistance, it is critical that you have access to state-of-the-art verification systems. Leveraging The Work Number® database, Equifax instantly connects you to millions of employer-provided payroll records—data that’s refreshed every pay period and delivered in a manner compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The number of employers contributing to the database continues to increase every month, now with over one million contributing employers and over 100 million employee records, giving you greater value through the ability to complete more instant verifications. Equifax is committed to growing the database to improve the effectiveness and value of their services to you.

This complimentary webinar explored the new features that enable you to provide a more cost-effective, streamlined, and accurate service. Specifically, watch to learn how to:
  • Quickly identify which employment records to order by selecting from a "pay date" range view
  • Streamline your user experience by eliminating the search results/record selection step and only order the records you need
  • Select a customizable "usage type" to help track transactions and facilitate internal audits

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Learn how integrating verified income data into the verification process can deliver better service and help protect the integrity of social safety net programs including housing assistance.

Product Brief

Equifax leverages The Work Number® database, the largest central source of consolidated employment and income information for use by the private and public sectors.

Verifying an applicant’s employment is vital for program integrity, but doing so can be a time consuming administrative burden. When applicant volume increases, waiting on verifications can create bottlenecks that hinder productivity and open the door to shortcuts and missed steps that undermine you...

Equifax, Inc. Product Brief
Check out this datasheet to stay up-to-date on available options for income verification and tax form types.


The presentation at the NAHRO Online: 2020 National Conference discussed how integrating employment and income data from The Work Number® into the housing assistance verification process can help you provide better service and protect your program integrity.


Government agencies and their contractors often need to hire and retain responsible people for important roles involving, for example, managing finances, inspecting compliance, and protecting people and critical assets. Employees holding these “positions of trust” often require thorough background i...

Equifax, Inc. Whitepaper
The Work Number® database, a service of Equifax, offers a wide range of verification services specifically designed to help meet the additional detail levels required by government agencies and not-for-profits that administer public assistance and self-sufficiency programs such as Child Support, Sup...

Equifax, Inc. Whitepaper
Equifax can help generate risk-based insights that support the evaluation of workforce risk with early warning indicators. See first-hand the value of these insights with a complimentary workforce risk assessment.