Carahsoft, in conjunction with its vendor partners, sponsors hundreds of events each year, ranging from webcasts and tradeshows to executive roundtables and technology forums.

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BlackBerry Webcast

Event Date: March 03, 2022
Hosted By: Carahsoft & Blackberry
Attendees joined Carahsoft and Blackberry for an insightful session with Roger Sels, Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions, BlackBerry that explored:How chaos in the field of cybersecurity has led to negative business outcomesWhy spending more on cybersecurity – or having a bigger team ...
Atlassian Virtual Event

Event Date: March 01, 2022 - March 03, 2022
Hosted By: Atlassian & Carahsoft
During their annual event, Atlassian, partner and fellow government experts took the virtual stage to explore collaborative and innovative solutions and practices for federal, state and local government agencies.Topics that were covered included:
VMware Webcast

Event Date: January 26, 2022 - March 03, 2022
Hosted By: VMware & Carahsoft
VMware and Carahsoft hosted a series where subject matter experts discussed how to modernize your organization’s most critical operations. Support your organization’s mission to have the latest and most secure cloud, database, and remote work capabilities. 
AWS Webcast

Event Date: March 03, 2022
Hosted By: AWS, DOMA & Carahsoft
Attendees heard from Dwayne Tharp, Sr. Business Development Manager of Digital Transformation, DOMA Technologies, as he answered cloud migration questions including:Will a cloud assessment disrupt our team?What tools do you use and what metrics are provided?What are the ...
Rubrik Webcast

Event Date: March 02, 2022
Hosted By: Rubrik, Clearshark & Carahsoft
Attendees of this webinar discovered how Rubrik and Clearshark can defend your agency's data against cyber attacks. Experts from Rubrik and Clearshark discussed how Rubrik's unique immutability and zero trust architecture, integrated with Clearshark's innovative solutions, instills confidence that ...
Multi-Vendor Webcast

Event Date: March 02, 2022
Hosted By: Fortinet Federal & Carahsoft
Modernization is the process of adapting to updated needs or habits. In Federal IT, this definition might be expanded to include the need to remain compliant with Presidential Executive Orders, NIST standards, and other ...
AWS Webcast

Event Date: March 02, 2022
Hosted By: AWS, stackArmor, Telos & Carahsoft
In this informative webinar attendees learned about getting compliant with NIST security requirements on AWS with our NIST ATO Accelerator that provides:Dedicated government landing zone compliant with FedRAMP and NIST requirementsPre-audited NIST compliant security services for FedRAMP Moderate, NIST, ...
Nuance Webcast

Event Date: March 02, 2022
The importance of security cannot be understated. Today's businesses rely on working with known customers in a friction-free environment. To get to that level of customer service, organizations need to be confident that their customer is who they say they are. This is why leading organizations around the world ...
Gigamon Webcast

Event Date: March 01, 2022
Hosted By: Gigamon & Carahsoft
The goals and milestones prescribed in OPM Memorandum M-21-31 seem almost impossible to achieve, which include improving the capabilities related to cybersecurity incidents. 
Forescout Carahsoft SE Webinar

Event Date: March 01, 2022
Hosted By: Forescout & Carahsoft
During this customer care session, we discussed how to use Forescout for:Device Discovery and Classification including Rogue Device Detection and the ability to see all devices that are connected to a network. The Forescout platform provides up to 800 data points per device that it finds for full, ...



Government’s Experience with its Customers to Build Trust: CX/GX Success Stories and Pathways for a More Responsive Public Sector

The current efforts to promote user-center and human-centered design for CX and GX initiatives in the public sector are a promising approach for promoting public trust in democratic institutions. Continued efforts will be needed to ensure customers and citizens benefit and truly experience their government as intended.

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