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Cynerio Webcast

Applying Zero Trust Security to Sensitive Healthcare IoT Environments

Event Date: December 09, 2020
Hosted By: Cynerio & Carahsoft
When it comes to building a robust security posture, firewalls and VPNs no longer cut it, especially in healthcare Internet of Things (IoT). Between the thousands of medical and other connected devices moving across healthcare ecosystems and the unquantifiable amount of interconnectivity between them, maintaining minimal levels of cyber hygiene has become increasingly complex for healthcare facilities.

On top of that, medical devices often cannot be patched, and manufacturer-driven updates are difficult to obtain. Under these circumstances, the most effective solution is to implement a Zero Trust policy to dramatically limit the attack surface, but Zero Trust comes with its own list of challenges.

Attendees joined us for a webinar that took a deep dive into how to safely apply a Zero Trust security policy to sensitive healthcare IoT networks and provide insight into:
  • The fundamentals of the Zero Trust framework
  • The unique challenges associated with securing healthcare environments
  • How to implement Zero Trust to healthcare environments while ensuring uninterrupted workflow and medical services
  • Solving the challenges of ransomware, third-party VPN access, and misconfigured devices with Zero Trust policy in healthcare IoT environments

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