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Google Virtual Event

Google Workspace Security Webinar

Event Date: April 13, 2021
Hosted By: Google & Carahsoft

During this webinar, we learned how Google Workspace:

  • Gives an “immediate plan” and peace of mind to “wall off” malicious actors and enable full productivity. 

  • Is VPN-free, highly secure, and Zero-Trust Based: Ability to safely port in data (emails, docs, etc., from current provider) WITHOUT importing the attacker malware. Secure communications even if attackers remain on your networks.

  • Has no contract lock-in. Provides guaranteed costs with caps up front (no budget surprises). Port over only the users you need (selective expenditure).

  • Is easy to use: Many government staff already know how to use Workspace because they use it in their personal lives. 

  • Is interoperable with Office365 (no need to convert formats on docs, Excel, PowerPoints, etc.). 

  • Has easy to use full suite of collaboration tools (Chat, VTC, Email, Text, etc.). 

  • Is carbon neutral. 

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