Carahsoft, in conjunction with its vendor partners, sponsors hundreds of events each year, ranging from webcasts and tradeshows to executive roundtables and technology forums.



Archived Events

F5 Networks Webcast

Event Date: May 27, 2020
Hosted By: F5 Networks & Carahsoft
As the Public Sector moves past the “trust but verify” model, F5 has solutions that are vital in leading it to a Zero Trust environment. F5 Networks and Carahsoft hosted a training where attendees learned how F5 can provide application specific security based upon least ...

Splunk Webcast

Event Date: May 27, 2020
Hosted By: Splunk & Carahsoft
While organizations have to rely on a complex network of heterogeneous devices, systems, and applications to ensure mission success, a lack of visibility leads to blind spots and the inability to troubleshoot issues. At the same time, the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve. So, how do you find answers to those ...

Forescout Technologies Inc Carahsoft SE Webinar

Event Date: May 27, 2020
Hosted By: Forescout & Carahsoft
Attendees of this Demo Desk got a first-hand look at how all of the updates made in Forescout version 8.2 ultimately aid public sector organizations with full scope enterprise management of devices and rapid mean time to response.These updates include:- ...

Agencies face the challenge of digitally converting communications such as newsletters, reports, and articles into digital communications that ...

AWS Virtual Event

Event Date: May 26, 2020 - May 27, 2020
Hosted By: AWS & Carahsoft
Each session helped you: Identify target customer environments Expand your knowledge of two of the top AWS migration servicesDetermine when and how to apply migration patterns to customers' needsGain a deeper understanding of programs like the AWS Migration ...

FireEye Carahsoft SE Webinar

Event Date: May 27, 2020
Hosted By: FireEye & Carahsoft
Verodin, now part of FireEye, has made it possible for organizations to validate the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls, thereby protecting their reputation and economic value. By measuring and testing security environments against both known and newly discovered threats, organizations can identify risks in security ...

DocuSign Webcast

Event Date: May 27, 2020
Hosted By: DocuSign
More than 1,300 local, state, and federal agencies use DocuSign to enable citizens, businesses, and staff to work smarter and more effectively with self-service forms, electronic signatures, prepopulated agreements, and automated approval processes.

FireEye Webcast

Event Date: May 27, 2020
Hosted By: FireEye & Carahsoft
GuidePoint Security provides trusted cybersecurity expertise, solutions, and services that help organizations make better decisions and minimize risk. With an ever-changing cyber environment, services and technologies must also evolve. FireEye HX has come as a full End Point Protection (EPP) to optimize efficiency for ...

Flexera Webcast

Event Date: May 27, 2020
Hosted By: Flexera
As our digitally connected government migrates to unprecedented levels of remote work, maintaining a robust cyber posture and proactively countering threats is imperative not only to protect sensitive citizen data but also to ensure uninterrupted essential service delivery.Attendees heard from digital experts across ...

Google Webcast

Event Date: May 26, 2020
Hosted By: Google, Nutanix & Carahsoft
During this webinar, attendees learned how to:Publish Windows apps to all of your users running Chrome with a single clickLaunch apps directly from Google ShelfIntegrate with your Google IdentityConnect to Google Drive or use Google File Stream to collaborate ...


Case Study

This eBook features five case studies that illustrate how VMware has partnered with a variety of government entities to: modernize IT infrastructure to boost agency performance and efficiency, leverage multiple clouds to improve resource allocation and operational modes, mobilize personnel to improv...

Micro Focus Government Solutions Case Study
The US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) is committed to managing its responsibilities associated with the legacy of World War II and the Cold War. This legacy includes radioactive and chemical waste, environmental contamination, and hazardous material at over 100 sites acr...

HashiCorp Case Study
Canadian stock exchange provider sees big gains in cloud provisioning for developers with HashiCorp Terraform, while keeping a close watch on security.

Penn State’s computing infrastructure needs to be responsive and flexible enough to meet a wide variety of changing researcher requirements. The university upgraded and expanded their Red Hat implementation to include Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and Red Hat Sat...

HashiCorp Case Study
Roblox is one of the most popular gaming companies for kids and teens. Roblox not only provides a global online entertainment platform, but also has forged a community with four million developers who have produced 40 million games beloved by young audiences. As the company grows and evolves rapidly...

Listen in as the Director of Cybersecurity for a Global Power Company reveals insight and details about the value of Cofense and collective human intelligence in phishing defense.

Listen in as a Senior Cyber Security Researcher for a Global Manufacturing Company discusses the importance of reporting and turning employees into “human sensors” in phishing defense.

TekStream was able to realize significant cost savings for the SBA and State of Florida. In addition to the $250,000 of hardware that did not have to be purchased for the refresh, the AWS platform’s ongoing savings enabled a 50% decrease in cost compared to the on premises solution over a 5 year p...

Listen in as a VP of IT Security for a Financial Technology Customer discusses the impact Responsive Delivery for Cofense PhishMe has had on their phishing defense program.