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Babel Street Webcast

Babel Street GEOINT Webinar

Event Date: June 06, 2024
Hosted By: Babel Street & Carahsoft
Learn how to ensure your geolocation data is up-to-snuff and empowers, not hinders, your analysis! Geolocation analysis offers a powerful tool for understanding spatial trends and patterns. However, the accuracy and reliability of derived insights fundamentally depend on the data quality. Rarely does the required data come off the shelf and ready for analysis without additional cleansing, enriching, and standardizing.

Attendees of this webinar learned  4 key areas of importance to focus on for successful and accurate GIS mapping efforts:

Data preparation: Identifying the types of data and enrichments you will be using, how they are best used, and how to ensure the data is accurate and usable before starting the analysis process
Knowing your use case: Understanding your specific goals, questions, the level of analysis that will be required, and how you will be displaying the data
Address standardization: Understanding why consistent formatting according to specified locational areas drives value and is critical for reliable results in your data analysis
Displaying the data: How to visualize analysis in a format that effectively tells the story of the data, effectively showcases data layers, and delivers impactful analysis

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