Carahsoft, in conjunction with its vendor partners, sponsors hundreds of events each year, ranging from webcasts and tradeshows to executive roundtables and technology forums.



Archived Events

AvePoint Public Sector Webcast

Event Date: June 15, 2021
Hosted By: AvePoint & Carahsoft
Government agencies have significantly accelerated their digital transformations in the wake of the pandemic. With AvePoint’s portfolio of SaaS solutions recently receiving FedRAMP ...

SentinelOne Webcast

Event Date: June 15, 2021
Hosted By: SentinelOne, Recorded Future & Carahsoft
SentinelOne is FedRAMP Moderate authorized and on the Continuous Diagnostic & Mitigation Approved Product List.Attendees joined MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK expert Jared Phipps for a deep dive into the results of the 2020 ATT&CK (Carbanak & FIN7) evaluation. Learn more about the ...

Informatica Email Campaigns

Event Date: June 15, 2021
Hosted By: Informatica & Carahsoft
Informatica is hosting a virtual Federal Data Governance Roundtable, targeting federal agency accounts. Our goal is to keep these events just as interactive as they would be in person. We want customers to benefit from networking with peers in their community.The Data Governance Roundtables will address ...

Coder Virtual Event

Event Date: June 10, 2021
Hosted By: Coder & Carahsoft
Coder moves developer workspaces to your cloud, centralizing an agency's development initiatives and unlocking gains in boith developer velocity and enterprise security. Attendees joined Coder to participate in an interactive workshop to learn more about how to keep all developers in ...

Tableau Webcast

Event Date: June 10, 2021
Hosted By: Tableau & Carahsoft
 View this on-demand recording to learn how you can achieve greater citizen transparency and engagement while increasing inter-departmental cooperation, saving time, and lowering costs.Explore the power of Salesforce solutions and interoperable analytics for guiding workflows, gaining a knowledge ...

Multi-Vendor Webcast

Event Date: May 18, 2021 - June 10, 2021
Hosted By: Splunk, AWS, TekStream & Carahsoft
Maintaining physical, on-prem servers can be expensive. Between the hard cost of on-prem equipment and the soft labor cost to maintain these systems, it's no wonder that more businesses are taking their holistic digital ecosystem to the cloud.Attendees joined Splunk, AWS, and TekStream for an ...

F5 Networks Webcast

Event Date: June 10, 2021
Hosted By: F5, Shape & Carahsoft
The challenge for many higher education institutions is balancing security with easy access for legitimate users. Unwanted or malicious automated traffic, like credential stuffing, make up anywhere from 50-90% of an average enterprise’s online and mobile traffic – resulting in account takeover. Most education ...

SolarWinds Webcast

Event Date: June 10, 2021
Hosted By: SolarWinds
No matter where you run your SQL Server instance - on-premises, in a virtual machine, or in an Azure SQL Database Managed instance - the challenge is the same. How do you ensure you get optimum performance? Is the virtual machine impacting your database instance performance? Which queries cause the most blocking or ...

Google Webcast

Event Date: June 10, 2021
Hosted By: Google & Carahsoft
This webinar showed how Google Cloud is partnering with top research groups to help them to answer bigger questions and attract new sources of funding to their institutions.Attendees saw firsthand how Google Cloud offers researchers the most effective cloud platform to ...

Nuance Webcast

Event Date: June 10, 2021
Hosted By: Nuance & Carahsoft
From transcribing committee meetings and correspondence to drafting hearing notes and reports, Dragon Speech Recognition lets you do it all—faster and more efficiently.     Stream this recorded webinar and learn:The “macro issues” facing government professionals ...