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Multi-Vendor Webcast

Secure Applications and Data to Prevent Malware Spread in Hybrid-Clouds with Nutanix, HYCU & Wasabi

Event Date: May 30, 2023
Hosted By: Wasabi, Nutanix, HYCU & Carahsoft

Data security is always of utmost concern; today, we're reimagining security for a hybrid cloud future. 

Many traditional infrastructure stacks are comprised of products from multiple vendors, each decoupled from the stack, providing a narrow and limited view of security. Validating and maintaining a security baseline through continuous software upgrades is time-consuming and often involves error-prone manual processes that take away from innovation and productivity.

View the on-demand recording of our joint solution discussion panel about building resilient IT solutions with Wasabi, Nutanix & HYCU.

During the live discussion, attendees learned how this solution:

  • Provides a zero-trust architecture for the multi-cloud
  • Delivers simple and affordable hot cloud storage with no complex tiers, egress or API fees
  • Brings true SaaS-based data backup and recovery to both on-premises and cloud-native environments
  • Improves security posture and prevents data breaches by supporting a defense-in-depth approach for hybrid cloud security

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Carahsoft Technology Corp. understands that the DOE could benefit from Intent Based Networking software. Carahsoft and Forward Networks are proposing Forward Enterprise to deliver a Zero Trust foundational architecture for Network Assurance and Verification.

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