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Multi-Vendor Webcast

Geospatial Intelligence at Mission Speed with GPU-Accelerated Analytics

Event Date: August 27, 2019
Hosted By: NVIDIA, OmniSci & Carahsoft
The amount of geospatial data from sensors, smart phones, social media, drones, and other vehicles is exploding, and traditional analytics are struggling to keep up. To analyze and visualize such data effectively, government agencies are increasingly leveraging GPUs to obtain orders-of-magnitude improvements in speed. New GPU technologies for accelerating structured data and text analytics are enabling analysts to do their work at the speed of thought—not wasting time waiting for traditional systems to bring them the right data for their needs.

During this webinar, we discussed how to harness GPU acceleration to extract the fastest insights possible from geospatial data and translate those insights into decisions. Whether within the OmniSci platform or by using the OmniSci SQL engine to dramatically speed up existing tools such as Esri and Tableau, the GPU-acceleration technology stack delivers mission success across the GEOINT Enterprise.

View the recording to learn how to:
  • Perform core GEOINT analytics on massive datasets in seconds instead of minutes or hours
  • Visualize full datasets to ensure that mission-critical observations are not lost due to downsampling
  • Dynamically manipulate millions of polygons/linestrings and billions of points at mission speed
  • Use both the OmniSci user interface and the OmniSci SQL engine to fit with an existing toolset
  • Integrate the NVIDIA-supported RAPIDS platform into Python GEOINT analytics, for easy GPU acceleration of new use cases

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