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GoSecure Insider Threat Detection and Response is focused on users, actions and behaviors as opposed to the data driven approach of traditional insider threat solutions.


NS2 Labs, a proxy of SAP, serves as a terminus between government, private companies, and academic research organizations by providing physical and virtual spaces that enable co-innovation. This allows the government to capitalize on the private sector’s innovation ecosystem to create intelligent, t...

SAP NS2 Cloud Intelligent Enterprise includes a suite of intelligent applications and experience management tools for managing operational transactions, HR and people management, analytics and other innovative capabilities.


The SAP HANA® platform unites database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, and processing to enable a new generation of technologies and architectures to support mission objectives.

The HighSide secure collaboration platform enables the modern business through e2e encrypted messaging & meetings, cloud file storage sharing and access controls & compliance. Addressing challengese in productivity, data sharing and engagement typically stymied by data security and data access req...

DataCTRL is a government grade secure Data Catalog designed to handle continuously updating datasets, facilitating data discovery, and detecting changes or interruptions to existing datasets. All this, while providing granular access controls for datasets without preventing authorized users from dis...

Agencies are fusing together a wide variety of data sources and leveraging new technology capabilities in order to gain the trusted insights they need. Unfortunately, many federal legacy data infrastructures don’t support data fusion and calibration in an efficient, secure manner. Speed and precis...

For years, agencies have attempted to harness information in order to drive decisions. However, the volume, velocity, and variety of data and information has surpassed traditional management and analysis techniques.

GoSecure Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) automates email threat resolution in the user’s inbox.

For decades, federal agencies have placed its trust in SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise® (SAP ASE) to manage and secure mission critical data. SAP ASE has proven to be powerful, resilient, and secure across many different operating systems and platforms.