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Sonatype Webcast

DevOps & System Modernization at Federal Agencies

Event Date: December 08, 2016
Hosted By: Sonatype & Carahsoft
Today federal agencies spend 80% of their IT budget on legacy system support, making it difficult to innovate at the rate they desire. DevOps gives federal agencies an opportunity to build higher quality software faster for greater innovation, efficiency, and security.

View our webcast where we share how a bureau of the Department of Homeland Security worked with Coveros to modernize a mission critical system by defining an initial DevOps tool chain solely with open source technologies. You'll learn:

  • How supply chain risk management principles complement DevOps process and technologies to produce greater value and confidence in the outcome
  • Why upgrading to a highly available, secure and supported repository was critical to achieving the agency's mission 
  • What metrics were used to measure success and how lessons learned continue to shape how USCIS and others are building and delivering software

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As consumers increasingly expect organizations to offer expanded value and experiences through software applications, businesses must ensure that they are providing not only a differentiated user-friendly experience but a secure one too.

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Lauren Knausenberger is the U.S. Air Force’s Chief Transformation Officer (CTO). Having initially joined as Director of Cyberspace Innovation in 2017, she assumed her current position in June 2019, stepping into a newly-created role that reaches across the entire Air Force to drive digital transform...

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Solutions Brief

Sonatype Solutions Brief
Sonatype exists to unite software developers, security professionals, and IT operations. We empower them to continuously identify and remediate open source risk, without slowing down innovation


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By automating RMF security objectives, agencies can operate at the speed of mission and significantly accelerate system delivery and continuous security.Read this whitepaper and learn how to:Maximize automation to help your RMF practices scale, respond, and adjust quickly to application threats. Res...

As Marc Andreessen famously observed, “software is eating the world.” The proliferation of software is, indeed, transformational — it is everywhere, in cars, planes, phones, pacemakers, insulin pumps, refrigerators, thermostats, you name it. Nearly all companies are software companies, and that appl...

Sonatype Whitepaper
Agencies that are not evaluating, monitoring, and tracking the use open source and third-party application components within the scope of their Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment and Authorization processes, are exposing themselves to significant and elective risks. Open source and third-par...

Take steps to integrate and automate security across the development life-cycle to secure your agency software.