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Fortinet Webcast

The Pillars to a Zero Trust Network

Event Date: April 27, 2021
Hosted By: Fortinet & Carahsoft

As Zero-Trust becomes a bigger part of public sector cybersecurity portfolio, need to better understand how to implement this often complicated process. Zero-Trust is an operating principle and philosophy created as a way to overcome the inadequacy of not only a network perimeter-based approach to cybersecurity but also horizontally ‘flat’ access within a network.

This complimentary webinar demonstrated how Fortinet’s Zero-Trust Network Access framework specifically addresses challenges by shifting the fundamental paradigm open networks built around inherent trust to a Zero-Trust framework. When you automatically extend trust to any device or user in your network, you put your organization at risk, intentionally or not.

Attendees of this webinar learned how Fortinet’s Zero-Trust Network Access approach provides the framework and tools to understand:

  • What is on your network
  • Who is on your network
  • How to protect assets on and off the network

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