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Archived Events

Adobe Webcast

Event Date: July 19, 2016
Hosted By: Adobe & Carahsoft
Virtual training has become the norm across public and private sector organizations, offering mobility and convenience, accessibility, delivery to larger and more diverse audiences, and reduced operational and travel costs. Moving training online however, requires organizations and instructors to make the virtual ...

Tintri Webcast

Event Date: July 15, 2016
Hosted By: Tintri & Carahsoft
Attendees of this webcast learned:How to provide actionable, end-to-end data center analyticsHow to optimize performance and capacity resources while offering complete agilityHow Tintri VM-aware Storage ...


Event Date: July 11, 2016 - July 14, 2016
Hosted By: Carahsoft
This series was a follow-up to the 2016 GEOINT Symposium, the largest geospatial conference of the year. Carahsoft and our geospatial providers hosted a week of webinar sessions expanding on topics discussed at this year's conference. Specifically, this series covered how organizations can use geospatial technologies ...

Adobe Webcast

Event Date: July 14, 2016
Hosted By: Adobe & Carahsoft
As sensitive information continues to increase in volume, so do potential threats. Government organizations must be on guard for data breaches by taking measures to protect valuable data before an incident occurs.This year, the President implemented a Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) calling for agencies ...

Adobe Webcast

Event Date: July 13, 2016
Hosted By: Adobe & Carahsoft
Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are becoming increasingly popular, and many organizations are starting to implement strategies leveraging APIs as a standard for sharing data, both internally and externally. This session explored how API Management ...

Adobe Webcast

Event Date: July 13, 2016
Hosted By: MeetingOne & Carahsoft
Subject matter experts (SMEs) and business leaders are routinely asked to share their knowledge through trainings, webinars, and other virtual environments. These subject matter experts weren’t hired for their speaking skills, and often have difficulty describing what they do in everyday language. Their knowledge is ...

Virtustream Webcast

Event Date: July 12, 2016
Hosted By: Virtustream & Carahsoft
Attendees joined this webcast to learn about all Virtustream Viewtrust has to offer, such as: Viewing security and compliance risk across all their IT assets on a single pane of glassReducing the cost and complexity of managing compliance regulations with shrinking budgetsBecoming ...

F5 Networks Event

Event Date: July 07, 2016
Hosted By: F5
Location: Peterson AFB, CO
Thank you for your interest in our F5 Air Force TechTalk, CAC Enablement of Administrative Resources, on Thursday, July 7th, 2016. We hope this information was helpful for you and your organization.To view the archived presentation,


Event Date: June 30, 2016
Hosted By: Skyhigh Networks & Carahsoft
Attendees of this webcast learned:The 4 key functions of a CASB: visibility, threat protection, compliance, and data ...

LexisNexis Webcast

Event Date: June 30, 2016
Hosted By: LexisNexis & Carahsoft
Attendees of this webcast learned more about how CaseMap has helped organizations:Gather critical informationSave search timeRedact sensitive dataCollaborateOrganize case data



When it comes to continuity of operations, every agency – from the hospital, to the DMV, to the Department of Justice – needs to ensure that it has the right technology in place to provide the public with vital services and communications. And this needs to be done in a virtual style of business tha...

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Legacy systems and processes affect almost every facet of government. While you probably know the negative ramifications legacy systems can have on security and efficiency, you may be less aware of how old processes are having a direct negative impact on government spend management.

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Virtru Resources

The end of the year is an important time. In our personal lives we have plenty of holidays to celebrate and we get to spend extra time with those who are most important to us. In our professional lives—and in the cyber security industry, in particular—we get a chance to pause and think about ev...

Learn about Hybrid Infrasturcture Management to Empower Your IT Ops Transformation

Nuance has partnered with customers to organize and implement strategies that increase capacity, automate more conversations and enable agents to work effectively and safely from home. Here are three steps for your team to address peak COVID-19 demands.

Fortinet Resources

Network security has never been enough to keep bad actors from accessing sensitive data because most breaches occur at the application level. Invicti's web application security solutions use dynamic (DAST) and interactive (IAST) testing to provide the automation, visibility, and scalability require...