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Upcoming Events

BeyondTrust Webcast

Event Date: June 16, 2021
Hosted By: BeyondTrust & Carahsoft
Agencies and organizations have suffered a record-breaking number of cyberattacks over the past year. It seems that every week we see a new headline highlighting an attack on our ...

SolarWinds Webcast

Event Date: June 16, 2021
Hosted By: SolarWinds & Carahsoft
CPE credit available
Please join SolarWinds CISO and VP of Security Tim Brown for a live briefing as we walk through the timeline of the recent cyberattack, the lessons learned, and the go-forward Secure by Design plan.During this briefing, we'll cover:- What happened and the timeline of events- The actions ...

Contrast Security Webcast

Event Date: June 16, 2021
Hosted By: Contrast Security & Carahsoft
Software teams in federal agencies are continually facing bottlenecks in shortened release cycles, staffing rotations, skills gaps, compliance mandates, exploits and now the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. With the heightened concerns on cybersecurity threats, the Federal Government must ...

Tableau Webcast

Event Date: June 16, 2021
Hosted By: Tableau & Carahsoft
CPE credit available
The 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps states, “All of our investments in data science…are designed to unleash the incredible talent of the individual Marine.” Unleash your incredible talent with data in your mission area. From manning, training, and equipping the forces, to finance to ...

Wasabi Technologies Webcast

Event Date: June 16, 2021
Hosted By: Wasabi & Carahsoft
CPE credit available
Sharing data in the cloud offers a huge advantage for educators to easily offer faculty and students the ability to work and study wherever they are. It also helps the IT Operations team to simplify management and costs for infrastructure, data storage, and data protection.But you may have questions as you ...

Google Webcast

Event Date: June 16, 2021
Hosted By: Google Cloud & Carahsoft
During this webinar, you will learn about benefits of building with AppSheet that include:Empowering everyone  to develop application solutions without codeImproving team collaboration with access to insights and easier ways to share and report.Securing & managing data ...

Securonix Webcast

Event Date: June 16, 2021
Hosted By: Securonix
Increased reliance on technologies that advance worker productivity from anywhere has seen cloud computing become one of the key opportunities for development over the past few years.In this online event, we’ll talk with a number of federal and local officials to learn more about how they’re using cloud ...

ServiceNow Webcast

Event Date: June 17, 2021
Hosted By: ServiceNow & Carahsoft
DHS ServiceNow Special Interest Group (SIG).

DocuSign Webcast

Event Date: June 17, 2021
Hosted By: DocuSign
Register now for the DocuSign Digital Day webinar!This past year has been disruptive to every company, in every industry, and one of the most common responses has been to lean further into technology and digital transformation.In these five sessions, we'll look at the new state of ...

Tableau Webcast

Event Date: June 17, 2021
Hosted By: Tableau & Carahsoft
Is your organization stuck in a legacy decision-making culture? Do you want to improve outcomes with greater data agility? Are you struggling to kick off or progress your data initiative? If you answered yes, join Avaap, a leading Tableau partner, in exploring Tableau Blueprint for creating and sustaining a ...



With the ever-increasing volume and publicity of cybersecurity threats, security teams struggle to improve the security posture of their infrastructure and stay up-to-date and in compliance with continuously evolving regulatory requirements. According to ESG research, the most important IT meta-tren...

Contrast Security Resources
As agencies adopt a DevOps methodology, they need to adapt their approach to application security. It’s not just about “shifting left,” it’s about approaching security with a DevOps mindset.

Seagate Government Solutions Resources
In today’s business environment, data creates value–so it’s more important than ever to protect it as a vital business asset.

Learn how Organizations achieve unprecedented Spectrum Scale Performance. This analyst paper shares how Pavilion solutions optimize GPFS / Spectrum Scale Deployments.

Cofense Resources
The Cofense Intelligence™ team analyzes millions of emails and malware samples to understand the phishing landscape. In Q3 2020, our experts noted overall threat activity in Q3 of this year was significantly higher than Q3 in previous years. This is likely due to economic hardships and new opportuni...

Cloudera Resources
An enterprise data cloud platform can help agencies deploy AI capabilities at scale and at speed.

Welcome to the first annual Flexera 2021 State of ITAM Report. This report explores the thinking of 400+ global IT pros from organizations around the globe of at least 1000 employees that participate in ITAM and SAM. Read this report and learn about the current maturity of ITAM teams, the future of ...

Data governance solution that delivers governance and stewardship capabilities for all data citizens.

Cofense increases employee awareness and delivers protection from malware threats, ransomware campaigns, and scams like sextortion which evade secure email gateways (SEGs) every day. Our solutions give federal teams the visibility and tools to stop phishing threats in minutes, not hours. And we give...

451 Research highlights the opportunity hybrid and multi-cloud strategies present to the modern enterprise. According to 451 Research, more than half of enterprises are pursuing an integrated hybrid IT strategy. What’s more, more than 70% of enterprises deploy a public cloud strategy that involves m...