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This report covers the history of cloud-based backup and recovery, common (and uncommon) features and capabilities of the capability, as well as best practices recommendations for companies looking to evaluate and implement a cloud-based data protection solution.

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The sophistication of our cyber adversaries is increasing rapidly. Typical government and commercial networks are fixed, static, easily located and thus more vulnerable to identification and attack.

APIs are a simple concept: they connect data to create new digital experiences. If we look at the IT modernization trends driving digital transformation, APIs play a critical role in all of them. Cloud projects use APIs. Software that interacts with IoT sensors uses APIs. Contextual mobile apps u...

The agility, scalability, and global footprint of the cloud enables organizations to adopt Microsoft Azure® as the sole route to market for business-critical applications, such as SAP. Although the benefits of Azure and the public cloud are well-known, the challenges of protecting your SAP deploymen...

Druva enables government agencies to achieve that by helping them safeguard critical information — whether it’s housed at a data center or an endpoint such as a tablet or smartphone — while delivering the convenience and scalability of the cloud.

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Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are growing increasingly popular as IT professionals look to employ another layer of defense to augment their cyber security posture. But buyer beware, not all WAFs capable of equal protection. Here are some key WAF questions - and responses - that you need to know w...

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Government networks and the critical infrastructure of elected officials around the world are under a constant state of attack. Even more so during the critical election periods. Threats continuously evolve as nation states, cyber criminals and hacktivists stress government cyber defenses to their b...

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Do you want to learn how HPE can help you in the new era to feed your CPU and GPU-accelerated compute nodes without I/O bottlenecks? You can also learn how to contain storage spending growth and how to have unified accountability of HPE Pointnext Services for your complete HPC infrastructure.

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The world has come a long way since the early days of data analysis where a simple relational database, point-in-time data, and some internal spreadsheet expertise helped to drive business decisions. Today, enterprises focus significant resources to tap into the enormous promise of artificial intell...