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Multi-Vendor Webcast

Building a Successful Hybrid Workspace with NVIDIA

Event Date: September 01, 2021
Hosted By: NVIDIA & Carahsoft

Industry surveys show that the majority of government workers expect to work remotely for at least three days per week in the future. Organizations and agencies are adopting long-term technologies to establish a secure hybrid work environment that provides the capabilities and flexibility for employees to work productively between on-site and telework.

Stream this webinar and explore how NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions enhance user experience and empower remote workloads from day-to-day collaboration tools such as teleconferencing, engineering applications, simulation/training software, geospatial analytics, and artificial intelligence.

During this session, we cover:

  • Government hybrid work trends and challenges
  • IT infrastructure and technologies setup for hybrid work
  • Use cases and GPU accelerated workloads
  • NVIDIA hybrid work solutions including NVIDIA vGPU software and the latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs

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