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Archived Events

Chainalysis Webcast

Event Date: April 06, 2021
Hosted By: Chainalysis & Carahsoft
2020 was a year of radical change, and cryptocurrency-related crime is no exception. Scammers still took in nearly $2.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency, even though cryptocurrency scam revenue fell by 71% from 2020. Discover original data and research into criminal activity such as scams, darknet markets, terrorism ...

Multi-Vendor Virtual Event

Event Date: April 06, 2021
Hosted By: Splunk, Qmulos & Carahsoft
Participants joined Splunk and Qmulos in a 101 level session to learn about Qmulos flagship app, Q-Compliance, hosted by Qmulos’ sales engineering team. This was an introduction to Q-Compliance which uses Splunk to revolutionize the Risk Management Framework (RMF) cycle and automate your audits, ...

Tableau Virtual Event

Event Date: April 06, 2021
Hosted By: Tableau
Over the past year, government organizations have faced extraordinary challenges, ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to implementing massive government assistance programs, to responding to natural disasters. Each of these demanded collaboration, agility, and resiliency to meet the needs of ...

Nutanix Webcast

Event Date: March 19, 2021 - April 02, 2021
Hosted By: Nutanix & Carahsoft
Friday, March 19, 2021 - Live Demo: Protect your data and appsAttendees viewed a live demo for a high level overview of Nutanix FlowFriday, April 2, 2021 - Sign up for Hands on Experience!Attendees were guided by Nutanix engineers through the ...

NetAbstraction Webcast

Event Date: April 01, 2021
Hosted By: NetAbstraction & Carahsoft
While everyone is scrambling to address the current crisis and keep their communications and data safe, government financial entities should also be looking at the long-term effects of managing an online workforce that will be exposing your network security. Now more than ever, you need to protect your online ...

Flexera Webcast

Event Date: April 01, 2021
Hosted By: Flexera & Carahsoft
IT asset management (ITAM) solutions can provide cost savings, improved operational effectiveness, better staff usage, and improved security posture.During this roundtable, the following individuals shared insights around ITAM use and the benefits it could have delivered to them under their ...

Multi-Vendor Webcast

Event Date: April 01, 2021
Hosted By: CONCORN, Tricentis, and Carahsoft
AI and hackers pose serious threats to our nation's security, driving government agencies and business enterprises across all verticals to enhance technologies to protect their infrastructures.During this event we were joined by CONCORN and Tricentis as they hosted world ...

Multi-Vendor Webcast

Event Date: March 31, 2021
Hosted By: Splunk, Rubrik & Carahsoft
Across the 4th Estate, agencies are taking on the challenges of data management across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. Rubrik, with our Cloud Data Management, provide backup and recovery, protection, and data access regardless of where the data resides.Participants ...

Google Webcast

Event Date: March 31, 2021
Hosted By: Google, Looker, & Carahsoft
During this webinar, we went over the following: Identifying the problems/challenges and what mission Looker solves - using more data sources more efficiently Overview of Looker capabilities (3rd GEN BI) relating data experiences from structured data in place2-3x ...

Vyopta Virtual Event

Event Date: March 31, 2021
Hosted By: GovLoop, Vyopta & Carahsoft
The world has gone virtual, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. The move to remote work forced agencies to transition to a new normal, but now agencies need to find a way to truly connect employees, increase collaboration and train them effectively remotely.Attendees joined Vyopta online for ...



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Zimbra Collaboration is an open source messaging and collaboration solution, trusted by more than 5,000 companies and public sector customers, and over 100 million end users, in over 140 countries.

As state and local agencies look to modernize technology, a variety of issues related to employee initiated spending often prevents modernization of internal processes and platforms. To better understand these opportunities and challenges, GovLoop partnered with SAP Concur to survey state and lo...

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It can be challenging for a single company to bring forth a solution to today’s increasingly complex technology challenges. That’s why Dell, Pivotal, and VMware joined forced to provide a fully integrated, pretested solution to a pressing problem the Air Force was facing.

Sonatype Resources
Lauren Knausenberger is the U.S. Air Force’s Chief Transformation Officer (CTO). Having initially joined as Director of Cyberspace Innovation in 2017, she assumed her current position in June 2019, stepping into a newly-created role that reaches across the entire Air Force to drive digital transform...

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