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 offers Data Replication, Compression, and Monitoring for DDIL Users.

iOra is a leading global provider of the portal and file-based compression and replication software for organizations that need to operate in the most demanding environments. Trusted by Governments, corporates, military, and global organizations, our technology has been selected for its proven capabilities in hostile and remote environments serving the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, DoD and more.

iOra products replicate data between installed Microsoft SharePoint servers, or by creating virtualized servers or web applications for mobile users - thus enabling guaranteed access to up-to date operational critical information from any edge of network location. With successful deployments on tens of thousands of machines over network speeds as low as 2kbps, iOra’s product suite includes:

iOra Geo-Replicator®

Data Replication & Data Monitoring

Our patented replication technology will give you guaranteed access to your operation's most critical information across the most challenging and unreliable networks in some of the most remote and hostile locations in the world with:

  • Server-to-Server Replication
  • Server-to-Laptop Replication
  • Virtual Server Replication

iOra Epsilon®

Data Compression

Our patented compression engine that efficiently executes this phase of replication through giving you the ability to minimize data to a fraction of the original size to send over any network. Our Epsilon® Technology can compress your data by up to 99.9%.

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