Hootsuite Social Media Trends 2024 Report

Unlocking Social Media Success for Government Agencies

Government social marketers are facing challenges in managing multiple platforms effectively, creating engaging content for various audiences and demonstrating the value of their strategies through specific ROI metrics. Due to the limited time and resources allocated to Public Sector social teams, streamlining operational efficiencies and understanding which platforms your target demographic uses is imperative to measuring social media success. The Hootsuite social media benchmark report equips Government organizations with clear insights to unlock the highest ROI platforms and maximize community engagement.

As a strategic leader in the social media landscape, Hootsuite offers advanced social listening, trend analysis and cross-platform media engagement tools to seamlessly navigate the complexities associated with audience diversity, language nuances and identifying lucrative marketing opportunities. The Hootsuite 2024 social media survey encompasses 4,281 marketers and 4,508 consumers, along with extensive data analysis that underscores the pivotal role of tailoring content across various social platforms. The social media report delves into crucial trends that impact Public Sector organizations' ROI-driven strategies and provides best practices for creating informative content that maintains compliance with regulatory standards.

View a complete breakdown of the 2024 benchmark report and survey on social media use in the Public Sector to learn about the latest top-performing tactics, including:

 2024 Hootsuite social trends.jpg Report Graphic
  • How agencies can target the social platforms that yield optimal results
  • Automating ROI calculations to boost engagement with entertaining and impactful content
  • Strategies for managing the productivity-to-authenticity balance while leveraging AI
  • Why sharing informative content that adds value and resonates with constituents is essential in building goodwill
  • The prioritization of communication and compliance tools to support mission objectives

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