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Storage Virtualization

  • Modern Data Storage: The Backbone of Agency Innovation | Hitachi Vantara Federal

    This eBook highlights the accelerating data deluge as a challenge for Federal agencies, emphasizing the need for secure storage solutions to harness emerging technologies like AI and machine learning

    The mentioned eBook, "Modern Data Storage: Empowering Agency Innovation," explores cutting-edge advancements in data storage, emphasizing their role in fostering innovation, unlocking data potential, and driving transformative change within agencies.

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  • The Top 10 Ways Federal Storage is Changing | Hitachi Vantara Federal

    This eBook titled "The Top 10 Ways Federal Storage is Changing," aims to guide readers through the evolving landscape of storage solutions in the federal sector.

    The eBook is positioned as a valuable resource for government IT professionals, data storage enthusiasts, or anyone seeking to understand the future of federal storage, emphasizing the importance of staying informed in the rapidly evolving field.

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  • ​Foundation for a Modern Government Infrastructure | Hitachi Vantara Federal

    This resource suggests that federal agencies need a comprehensive modernization approach covering infrastructure, data protection, operations, and processes.

    The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series is presented as a solution, offering benefits such as improved application performance, enhanced capacity efficiency, improved resiliency with a 100% data availability guarantee, and optimized operations through an AI-driven solution analyzing telemetry for improved performance.

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  • ​Solve the Seven Biggest Government Data Storage Challenges | Hitachi Vantara Federal

    The eBook addresses challenges faced by IT infrastructure teams in meeting the demands of a distributed workforce and data-intensive applications.

    The mentioned eBook reviews strategies to maximize the advantage of data infrastructure, aiming to achieve scalable performance and agility by addressing seven data storage management challenges.

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Partner Enablement

  • 2024 Partner Training Guide

    All Hitachi Partners are required to hold certifications for a minimum of 2 Sales Representatives and 2 Pre-Sales Engineers. Each exam is free and certifications last two years. These are due March 31, 2024. Read the document below to learn more

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