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How the Executive Order Will Change Federal Customer Experience Leadership

President Biden’s new Executive Order (E.O.) on “Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government” may be the most comprehensive guidance on service delivery to date. Developed with deep expertise across government and industry, the Executive Order prescribes improvements to customer experience (CX) of critical life events requiring interaction with one or more agencies.

GovQA Brings Efficiency to an Overburdened Department in Durango

Faced with the elimination of a position from its records office, the city of Durango’s newly promoted clerk turned to GovQA from Granicus to create an efficient request system that increased efficiency (and then some) to make up for the now-smaller team.

One-Person Revolution in Digital Agenda & Meeting Prep

With only one clerk managing agenda and meeting materials, the town of Parachute, Colorado, wanted to find ways to create efficiency, save time and money, and reduce stress around meeting preparation. Granicus’ govMeetings solution provided the digital transition to both modernize outdated processes and increase transparency with the distribution of timely and accurate materials.