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Sheriff’s Office Serves Community with 21st Century Public Records Processing

In March 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic caused government lobbies to close for public health and safety, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office (VSO) launched a 21st century digital public records center with GovQA. Moving this vital government service online at that time was advantageous, for sure. But the Sheriff’s Office continues to see many benefits above and beyond crisis response.

GovQA spoke with Lisa Linden, Volusia Sheriff’s Office Records Supervisor, about the benefits of automating public records processing with GovQA software. A recap of that conversation is outlined below.


Requests per Month


BWC video requests/month


Staff processing public records

Cost Savings:

  • Recouped $1,500 in unpaid invoices; never behind on collections now
  • Eliminated DVD material costs for BWC (Body Worn Camera) video request fulfillment

Time Efficiencies:

  • 6 times faster processing of BWC video requests and no DVD handling
  • No wait intake – better for staff and requester
  • No more pay log spreadsheets — invoicing module takes care of cost recoupment
  • Accountability with request status – nothing falling through the cracks
  • Faster redaction with versioning
  • Request volume reduction – Requests from the media bypass VSO
  • Duplicate request processing
  • Email tracking and search – proactively checks validity of email addresses
  • Date stamped “open” receipts eliminate response delivery uncertainties

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