Uniting Security and Development with Anchore and GitLab

Learn how Anchore and GitLab can help your agency automate security and compliance checks from the early stages of the development cycle speeding software development and reduce risks.

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Uniting Security and Development with GitLab and Anchore
Discover the value of combining GitLab’s source code management and Anchore’s approach to container security and compliance tools.
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Continuous Security and Compliance for DoD and Federal Agencies
Read more to understand Anchore’s container security workflow solution, enabling agency’s to adhere to defined industry, agency and program-specific security standards without compromising security.
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The Right Application Platform Can Help DoD Develop Its DevSecOps Culture
Learn more about GitLab, providing a software solution that has been hardened to DoD standards.
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A Day in the Life of a Developer: Accelerating Software Delivery without Compromising Security
Listen as Anchore and GitLab leaders share how agencies can use DevSecOps tools to obtain secure compliance and continuous ATO to accelerate software delivery.

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