GCOM Business Rules Extraction

As States continues along their path to modernize Health and Human services systems, legacy business rules extraction has become a critical initial step in the modernization journey. Extracting, analyzing, and transforming legacy system logic into more manageable business rules provides the foundation for legacy system replacement or modernization. Business Rules Extraction results in a quick win with the outcome providing valuable input into determining whether the modernization will be satisfied by custom-built solutions, COTS products, a platform-based solution, or a combination thereof. Business Rules Extraction from the legacy system source code, including subsystems, are activities that can be initiated very early in project lifecycles and will substantially and significantly position projects for success in meeting modernization goals. This “as-is” system documentation (e.g., business rules, process flows) can be reviewed, validated, updated as needed, and approved by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for use as input into modernization efforts providing clarity and time savings in future phases.

The GCOM Business Rules Extraction solution approach is based on the use of the specialized automated tools to accelerate technical analysis and categorization of business rules and use cases from the legacy system code. GCOM’s experience and proven track record as a system integrator provides the understanding and the level of detailed processes that will be required to document and deliver the business rules and use cases that must be analyzed, consolidated, and readied for translation into modern technologies.