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Planning for Multi-Level Zero Trust

Federal Zero Trust requires management, edge protection, data protection, and risk profiles across all domains, networks, and environments.

Because Federal environments have unique requirements, with networks spanning multiple security domains and users often have multiple identities and credentials for different environments, analysis of users, devices, and networks cannot occur separately within each security domain. Policy decisions based on activity on one network will be based on incomplete information.

Multilevel operations require continuity of Federal Zero Trust Architecture security operations across all cyberspace domains.  Agencies must discover and inventory critical data and intellectual property across environments, wherever users collaborate, for comprehensive visibility and dynamic response across domains.

Join this webinar to learn why cross-domain security solutions are critical for government Zero Trust. 

Top 3 takeaways:

  • Learn about the latest zero-trust guidance 
  • Learn why government solutions for zero trust are different than commercial
  • Learn about how cross-domain solutions can enable more effective zero-trust security for government.

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Navigating and Managing Insider Risk

Confusion reigns between Insider Threat, Insider Risk, Data Loss Prevention, Zero Trust, and more.

During this session, we will discuss the challenges and potential outcomes involved with bringing together different activities to align as one program in a more robust and agile insider risk management capability.

With an incremental implementation approach, company programs can responsibly expand beyond traditional Insider Threat Use Cases (aka Data Exfiltration Only) to real-time alerts about abnormal data and system access (internal and external), suspicious financial activity, intent to harm, and public record information.

Identifying indicators of risk at the individual level at their earliest point of detection is a foundational step in developing a proactive approach for improving an organization's security posture.

We will explore how continually monitoring user behavior will significantly reduce the level of human effort spent on such activities, thereby freeing up your analysts and investigators to focus on more critical security issues.

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